Cumming in My Sleep

After a long day, I came home, took a shower and crashed. I text my lover that I was exhausted and they said they understood and wished me a good night.

Thinking that all was good in the universe with them, we stopped texting and I drifted off to sleep.

Little did I know my lover made a copy of my key yesterday when I was taking a bath and they went to the store. My lover waited a few hours to ensure I was asleep, creeping in with a few of their friends; male and female, entering my room as I was sprawled on my bed naked.

They all got their eyeful as the streetlights shown through my open curtained window.

My lover began to gently tie my wrists and ankles to the bed. I never stirred.

Spreading my pussy as I slept, showing them my pinkness. One of them turned the flashlight from their phone on low, so they wouldn’t wake me so they all could see what was displayed before them.

My lover jerked their head at one of them and mouthed silently for her to kick my pussy. Little did I know my lover already planned this with their friends days ago and they each knew their parts.

The woman gently licked my spread pussy and circled the tip of her tongue on my clit.

I moaned in my sleep and they all smiled.

My lover signaled with their other hand for one of the men to suck my nipple. His tongue began to circle my flat nipple until it began to rise for him before everyone watching.

They were so gentle, I never moved.

My lover smiled at the other man, signaling him to my other nipple; which gave him the same reaction as the other man.

My lover watched as their friends gently enjoyed me while I slept, moaning periodically and getting wet.

The woman whispered to my lover about how delicious I was as I began to get wetter on her tongue.

My lover whispered for them to switch and just as they planned, the first one to lick my nipple switched places with the woman; her face shiny from my pussy juice.

The man moaned against my pussy, which in my sleeping state made me wiggle a little and moan.

My lover gave a warning glance because they didn’t want me to wake up, but to feed their friends’ pleasures and curiosities about me sexually.

My lover watching and hearing my pussy getting wetter and they were aroused watching their friends enjoy me this way.

The last man then had his turn to taste me as my nipple was seized by the one that just ate me.

The whole time my lover was recording what was being done to me; displaying my wetness and erect nipples as I lie there against the men and woman’s mouths.

My lover told the woman to return to my pussy and her tongue began to dance against my moist clit.

My body enjoyed it as I slept and I moaned softly; both my nipples and my pussy were being gently licked.

My lover watched as I came on the woman’s tongue; never even waking, moaning and gyrating my hips in my sleep.

My lover smiled proudly and told them it was time leave.

My wrists and ankles were untied and they crept out as easily as they crept in. A few moments later I woke up to use the bathroom, noticing how wet my pussy was and how stiff my nipples were.

Thinking I had a sexual dream, I tried to recall it, but couldn’t. Once in the bathroom I noticed the light welts on my wrists and ankles wondering how I managed to do that, but couldn’t figure it out. So, I brushed it off and went back to bed.

Across town, my lover and their friends spoke about how great it was to have me while I slept. The men jealous that my lover allowed the woman to enjoy me as I climaxed, but thanking my lover for the experience to taste me.

My lover was plotting the next time they would enjoy me again, but after they introduce me to these people at the 4th of July cookout next week. The thrill of having me before them without my knowledge that they’ve had their pleasure with me excited my lover immensely.

My lover told them it was ok to imagine me naked the whole time and that they should be proud they made my body react the way it did.

Little did I know my lover was planning on letting me know about it at a later date… after my body has gotten accustomed to being shared.

No Toes For Me, Thanks

I’m not a foot fetish type of chick.

I admire pretty feet, but I am not sucking anyone’s toes! Not now, not ever. I won’t allow anyone to do that to mine, no matter if they were just washed or had a pedicure. There’s just something about it that turns me off.

If I’m watching Pornhub and I’m aroused, I’ll instantly get turned off when I see spitting and toe sucking/licking. 🤢🤮 Hey, to each their own, but omg…

I. Just. Can’t!

My new sex buddy, on our first day was informed of this. I think they forgot because when they tried to go for it, they got kicked in the face (still didn’t stop the mood though, that was great). It wasn’t intentional, it was a reflex, but I am quite sure they won’t try that again; at least not with me.

I have never had anyone mess with my feet and at this rate, I am sure I never will.

Pink Euphoria

I lie there as she touches my throbbing pink nipples, trying not to close my legs from the electricity she has shooting there from her touch.

Without realizing it there are other hands tying a rope around my thighs to keep my moist pussy exposed for anyone to see. Her fingers ensures that as she spreads my pussy lips open and there are multiple eyes; men and women, ogling my shiny, pink, wet pussy.

The same hands that bound my thighs open now do the same to my wrists.

She whispers in my ear that I’ll be on display for all to see, but only a select few will be able to touch, taste, and fuck me. I gasp! I watch as the crowd grows bigger, multitudes of strangers taking in the sight of my nudity and arousal at being publicly displayed for them.

Omg! Is this really happening? And I’m getting aroused by this?

In the middle of my thoughts, I feel her fingers fuck me slowly in front of her audience. Her fingers are covered heavily with my pussy juice, which she takes out and inserts in the mouth of the closest person in the front row.

The man sucks greedily on her fingers, savoring the taste of my pussy.

She smiles at me and I know that she will not let me loose until she’s happy that every stranger has enjoyed the pleasures of my body and I’ve climaxed for each of them.

And now it begins…

My Punishment for Cumming Without Permission (Part 2 of Jack Frost and the Neighbor Licked My Pussy”)

Oh, slut you will be punished!” Master roared loud enough for the other neighbors to hear. “I’m glad to see you’ve enjoyed both Jack Frost and the neighbor licking my pussy, all for my pleasure.”

Now that I’ve finished cumming to the combination of Jack Frost licking and the neighbor’s sucking on Master’s throbbing wet pussy (I am no longer permitted to claim anything sexual as mine but as Master’s) without permission, Master rips open my coat. True to his reprimand of me receiving a punishment, although he was pleased to see me cum, I was not supposed to.

I knew that I was supposed to ask Master first.

The cold air makes my already cherry-sized pink nipples more engorged. I look down to see the neighbor looking up at my protruding nipples, his eyes widening as he watched them grow.

Master whispers in my ear, “Slut, he really loves looking at my nipples,” cupping them as he invites the man to suckle them. But, realizing that it may be too cold for me Master instructs us to go inside of our house, but not before telling this man to lead me by pulling on the left nipple while he pulls on the right one as my hands remain behind my back.

I am led to the dining room table and pushed to lean over it with my face against the tabletop.

Spread your arms and legs, slut!” Master says gruffly.

“Yes, Master,” knowing that he will bind my hands and legs apart to the table, leaving me helpless from moving.

I hear Master whispering to the neighbor as his hands spread me open, giving this man a full view of my backside; every ounce of my wetness visible. As much as Master’s pussy is twitching and throbbing, I am ordered to stay still and I do my best to comply.

Master places a blindfold over my eyes, “Since my slut acts like she doesn’t know how to comply, she will not be permitted to see all that I want done to her for my pleasure,” he addresses to the man, which I still have not earned the privilege of learning his name.

“Damn, that’s fucking hot how you own her!” The man says with admiration.

“Slut, thank him!”

Thank you for enjoying me for Master’s pleasure.”

Whistling while still staring at Master’s spread ass and pussy, “I wish I could find a woman like this.”

I didn’t know Master nodded for the man to spread me open and continue his feasting.

I want to see you eat her and she will not come until I tell her to,” he pulls my hair and continues, “do you understand, slut? You aren’t allowed to ask me, I will tell you when I want you to.”

Breathlessly, I reply as I feel the neighbor’s hands and mouth make contact with me, “Yes, Master!”

With my blindfold on, I don’t see Master has left the room. He went to get the woman he already made plans with and instructed her to sneak in while I was on the balcony. When I heard Master whispering to the neighbor earlier, that’s what he was telling him. There was a female employee of his in the next room he invited over to enjoy me without my knowledge.

The woman already removed her coat and shoes so that I wouldn’t be aware of her presence. Unbeknownst to me, she watched my balcony performance and was anxiously awaiting her turn.

The neighbor watched as the woman walked over, then peered over his shoulder as he feasted and I was ordered to stay still; not moan or to cum. This man’s tongue was doing his best to make me cum and the only way I could stop myself each time he plunged into me was think of Master’s wrath at my disobedience. I already messed up by cumming on the balcony without asking.

I bite on my lower lip to prevent myself from making a sound.

Master lightly tapped on the man’s shoulder, signaling him to let the lady have her turn as the man continued to hold Master’s pussy open.

I thought the man backed up to get a breather for a second before he continued. The man stayed knelt down but the woman positioned herself in front of him and continued what I perceived to be him.

Master sat on a chair next to us watching and giving me permission to gyrate my hips and to say thank you.

Mmm, thank you for enjoying Master’s pussy for his pleasure,” doing my best to stay in compliance and do no more than what Master as given me permission to do. “Thank you for making his pussy so fucking wet!”

Hearing the smile on his face, “Very good, slut.”

Thank you, Master.”

The sensation of being eaten is driving me crazy, but I will show Master I will obey. There does seem to be a difference in the way the mouth feels on me, but I am unaware of the woman now taking her fill of me. The neighbor is enjoying himself as he spreads me open for her to do so.

Master gets up and nudges the man’s head, so that both he and the woman are eating me at the same time.

I let out a yelp and catch it as quickly as I let it out.

Master laughs as he watches me arch my back as both their tongues duel over who gets to eat me more. Now the both of their hands are doing their best to spread me extremely wide. Their tongues taking turns fucking me. I can tell the other person is a woman by the way her nails are digging into my skin.

I want to beg Master to cum so badly, but he told me when he’d allow me to cum. I do my best to fight it.

“Continue thanking them slut for eating my pussy, show them how good I’ve trained you.”

Without hesitation, because I want Master to continue being proud of me, “Thank you both for eating Master’s pussy for him!” I try to grip the restraints that are holding my wrists to brace myself, but can barely get a good grip.

“Don’t stop thanking them, slut! Every breath I want to hear you thanking them. They’re really enjoying you.”

Thank you for showing Master what a good slut I am! Thank you for having your tongues fuck me for Master’s pleasure!” I am now on a role with thank you’s, “Thank you for making me want to scream! Thank you,” my hips seem to now take on their own control as they try to gyrate against their hands that are holding me still; something Master whispered in their ears to do.

Master knows it’s tearing me up inside now. The scent of my sluttiness in the air, the table super slick beneath me, my captors’ fingers are sliding every few seconds from how fucking wet I am.

“Would my slut like to cum now?” Master asked me smugly.

YES! PLEEEAAASSSE!” I practically scream at the top of my lungs.

You may ask me then, my beautiful, obedient slut.”

Master, may I please cum for your pleasure?!”

“No, you may not cum, slut.”

Feeling lost, but knowing he’s waiting for my acknowledgment, “Thank you, Master, for denying me to cum. Your denial is solely for your pleasure.”

I am ready to erupt, but I must obey his denial. Master comes over and holds me open as he instructs them to reach up and fondle his beautiful cherry-sized nipples. I want to scream. Master knows that nipple play makes me want to cum and I’m already on the edge!

I feel both the neighbor and this woman’s hands slide under me and grasp a plump nipple. Their tongues never ceasing their work on the pussy that Master owns and has given them access to.

Without being told, I do what is expected of me, “Thank you for playing with Master’s nipples. May you please enjoy them for my Master’s pleasure.”

Once I’ve voiced it, their pinches become more intense. Yanking on them as if they were milking me. In a sense they are and the milk is between my legs.

My panting becomes more rapid and I think of doing everything I can to please Master.

“Cum for me NOW, slut!”

I explode before he finishes granting me permission to cum, yelling at the top of my lungs as if I were talking to him from across a crowded room, “THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO CUM FOR YOUR PLEASURE, MASTER!”

“Good girl. This punishment was to show you why you should always maintain your obedience to me. It gave me great pleasure to deny you an orgasm. However,” he continued as he nudged the two of them away and he started fucking me, “it gives me greater pleasure when I can grant you permission to cum.”

With that, he fucks me hard and fast as if he were a jackhammer. The man and the woman; Master did not reveal her identities to me, sit and watch him fuck the pussy they made extremely wet for his pleasure.

Office Licktation

I’m sitting at my desk minding my own business when Master walks in smiling.

“You know what I’m here for my slut,” he says as he walks toward my desk.

I nod my head, “Yes, Master,” as I push my chair away from my desk. I glance at the clock, I’m supposed to be heading a meeting in ten minutes with a couple of the main department heads in my office.

Master crawls under my desk and lifts my skirt, knowing that it would be bare without panties to block his access, as he has commanded of me since I became his slut. Spreading my legs for him automatically, I look down at him ogling the pussy that he has trained to stay wet.

“Mmm, very good my slut,” he says as his fingers spread me wider to get a full look.

I smile as I am happy that I have pleased him, yet I sneak glances at the door because the others should be arriving shortly.

Smiling wickedly Master tells me, “Today you will learn to please me while not alerting others as to what I am doing to the pussy I own.”

“Oh, Master!” I gasp, “Please!” I let out.

Just as he is about to reply, my office door flies open and in walk the four women I am to have a meeting with for the next hour.

Without letting on that he is there, he pulls my chair in spreads my pussy and starts fingering me as I do my best to give my opening presentation. Master’s fingers slowly inch their way inside my wet lips. The tips of his fingers making small circles on my clit when they exit my pussy with the way he’s finger fucking me.

I do my best not to squirm or make noise. I am truly trying to keep my face and voice neutral.

I can barely focus on the question that was asked of me as my Master’s tongue makes contact with my throbbing pussy as his fingers now spread me beyond what I thought possible. It’s as if he’s trying to spread me wide enough for these women to see me under the table.

The sensations are so strong, I pretend to cough to mask the moan I am trying not to let out. This makes Master’s tongue fuck me rapidly. I swear the sound of my wet pussy is echoing loud enough for them to hear.

I make the mistake of looking down to see Master looking up at me smiling as his mouth continues its litany on my pussy and I fight the urge to gyrate against his mouth. I see the shininess of my wet pussy around his mouth, knowing damn well my seat is soaked as well.

Out of the blue, I am brought back to the situation at hand when someone asks, “What’s that smell?”

My head yanks up, “What smell?” I ask, knowing that the scent of my wet pussy is now in the air.

“I can’t describe it, but it smells really nice.”

I realize that not just her, but others can smell me.

Master takes this time to go in for the power of his ownership of my pussy and both his tongue and fingers are moving swiftly. Before I could stop myself, my hands brace the edge of my desk and I start riding Master’s face and let out a loud moan as I cum for him in front of these women.

Master pushes my chair away from the desk, gets up and faces the women so that they see his glistening mouth.

Without a word Master leaves as the women look at me still panting.

Jack Frost and the Neighbor Lick My Pussy (Part 1)

It’s 35° outside and I’m going out in a skirt without panties. Knowing that my pussy is trained by my Master to stay wet.

He hands me the skirt, it stops just a little past my thighs. Smiling as he tells me how he wants to see my face as Jack Frost licks the pussy owned by my Master.

This, of course, means no bra as well, but he only wants my body to shiver via the combination of my hot pussy with the cold open air.

Master opens the balcony door and calls to the attention of our new neighbor. Master wants this show to be for him. I’ve never met him personally, but Master says he sees how the neighbor ogles and lusts after me.

Master leads me out onto the balcony the neighbor steps onto his as well. This is the way Master chooses to introduce me to him.

“Open your legs, my slut,” Master says to show the neighbor my obedience.

“Yes, Master,” and without hesitation, I spread my legs shoulder-width apart. Shivering as Jack Frost takes his first true licks of my Master’s dripping pussy. Looking at the bulge in the neighbor’s pants, I know he’s happy to see my compliance.

Smiling, Master lifts up my skirt to show this stranger that I’m not wearing panties and Master knows I’m getting wetter at being on display the way he chooses.

“Beautiful isn’t she?” Master asks as he spreads me, giving both Jack Frost better access to lick me and a better visual for the neighbor.

The neighbor nods, speechless as I automatically put my hands behind my back showing that Master is in control of me. The cold on my wetness in between my legs; on Master’s pussy, has me shivering.

“Come over and see how pretty my pussy is,” Master stands behind me as the neighbor jumps from his side of our connecting balcony.

Without further invitation, the man kneels before me as Master enjoys my being on display. The stranger’s fingers rub me along with Jack Frost’s licks.

I begin to whimper, Master knows I’ll soon ask to cum. Before I can form the question, he informs me not to until the neighbor gets to feast on my pussy with Jack Frost.

“Would you like to eat this sw–,” the man’s tongue starts to lick me before Master could finish asking.

The combination of this man’s hot, wet, and firm tongue and Jack Frost’s cold one me at the same time makes me gyrate against the man’s face.

I didn’t mean to, but I started cumming before I could ask permission.

Master heard my scream as he watched the neighbor clamp his mouth on me like it was vacuum sealed to it and Master held the man’s face against me.

“Oh, slut you will be punished!” Master roared loud enough for the other neighbors to hear. “I’m glad to see you’ve enjoyed both Jack Frost and the neighbor licking my pussy, all for my pleasure.”

(Part 2 will be posted soon)…

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What Makes You Cum?

For me it’s something as simple as playing with my nipples. Hell, even if you look at them I start melting.

Exactly how I feel!

The sensation of my pussy walls showing how much someone is affecting me goes beyond any words I could describe.

Being molded and touched to be just what the person wanted… as they watch my writhing at their mercy.

Mmmm, I’m not in control, they are!

Screaming from pleasure, not from pain. Well, unless it’s the pleasurable trusting kind. 😘👅💦🍆

I could go on and on, but that’ll presently make me explode. 💋