My Desire

I want to be owned. Yes, to hear those words from my Master(s). Wanting to be flaunted for their sexual desires and purposes.

There were a couple of times I was led to believe I was owned… turned out to be a hoax. I want to be submissive, but only to the one(s) that deserve my love and trust to do so.

I fantasize about this type of bond. It’s contradicting I know. To want love, affection, and desire, yet to also be their personal slut at times.

I want my poly-lifestyle because I enjoy both sexes. I can’t choose just one.

I think about things I want done to me sexually and it drives me wild! Things that would please my Master(s).

Ohhhhh, how much that has become my desire.


She pretends that she’s happy being alone; especially each night and Valentine’s Day. Instead, she puts on a show and smiles in front of others. Ultimately making herself “content” with enjoying her plethora of vibrators.

Tonight it’s no different.

She closes her eyes as she lies nude across her bed, spreading her legs wide as she imagines having two lovers; male and female, touching her peaked pink nipples and bare moist pussy. However, in reality it’s just her touching herself longing for her thoughts to be true, her vibrator presses against her outer thigh waiting for its moment to bring her explosive pleasure.

Cupping one of her firm breasts she brings it to her parted lips, closing her hungry lips over her throbbing nipple and suckling on it making it grow against her thrashing tongue. She lets a moan vibrate across it as her other finger fondles her clit.

In her mind her female lover is feasting on her spread pussy as her male lover languishes in her oversized nipple. The thought of being enjoyed by both makes her wetter, arching her back as she craves the attention and pleasure she’s receiving. Her breaths become quicker, not as quick as the sensations her body is feeling.

Squish, squish, squish she can hear her pussy echoing throughout the room as her fingers fuck her pussy in tune to a jackhammer.

The sensation of her first orgasm is rising!

She should stop, but damn how good this feels as she thinks of her fictitious lovers taking control of her sexually.

Her breath catches as she lets a scream while her pussy explodes like a geyser all over her hand and bed. Her hips now are moving to fuck her hand instead of the other way around. She watches as the watery substance emits itself from between her legs while she starts shaking as if there’s an earthquake inside of her.

Not wanting the sensation to stop, she immediately reaches for her 10¹/² inch vibrator, powering it to a fast, hard pulse. With no hesitation she plunges it into her throbbing pussy and immediately starts gushing again. Mentally she’s thinking of her male lover driving himself deep within her, claiming her with his cock.

The tears begin to flow from her eyes as she imagines the female lover licking and sucking on her clit as the man continues fucking her. They both would pinch each of her nipples at the same time they claimed their ownership of her pussy.

The climax that followed was so strong, she passed out… thoughts of her fictitious lovers continued to play in her unconscious mind.

Photo credit of Pornhub (not sure for which video…took screenshot a while ago).

Chain of Milk

I didn’t know I had such power over the women I worked for. They were blinded by my beauty and definitely my sex. 

Working for the office I worked for I found my work to be dull, repetitive and boring. I worked for her employer for the past three years and went to work being the obedient employee that didn’t make noise or static over the typical office politics, gossip, and the lazy employees that passed their work off to others to do for them.

The annual office evaluations were approaching, I knew I would be up for yet another raise, but this year I was up for a promotion. I felt I deserved this promotion since I never called out or half-assed my job assignments; unlike my coworkers, who were ass-kissers. To everyone, I am the bitch that would be the “yes” girl. What they didn’t know is that deep down I despise this fucking company. I love what I do, I just don’t love the company, the bosses, or co-workers. However, I have other plans. I’ll get promoted and move on to another company for the same job title that pays more. As far as I’m concerned no one knew that I already started inquiring with other companies.

I started visualizing the day I would part ways with this current place of employment and walk into work with a great big smile on my face. The day finally came for my evaluation. This was going to be a day I knew I’d be able to plan my departure in a few weeks. At least I thought so.

I have summoned to my boss’ office and as I entered saw both of my shift supervisors and the company owner sitting at an oval table. They each had a glass of wine in their hand while one sat on the glass top, which was meant for me to sit in front of. There was no cause for alarm since they generally had some type of alcohol at these evaluations; that was the customary way they did it at this company. I believed the purpose was to trick the employee to loosen them up enough to let loose lips fly about themselves to sink their own progress.

I without hesitation or lack of confidence; because I knew enough not to fall for their plan, sat down and joined the women at the table. I was not expecting what would ensue in the next few moments.

So, I got an interesting call from my cousin who owns the Phillips Corporation,” my morning area supervisor mentioned and I almost choked on the wine.

For the first time, I stammered at the table as they all looked admonishingly at me.

“Mora, we thought you’d have a promising future with us,” the CEO said with disdain in her voice. “I held you to high esteem with your great productivity.”

I began to feel like the wine was sand I was swallowing, yet I needed something to do to avoid answering or looking at them. Despite how dry my mouth felt, I continued to drink from my glass.

I didn’t know that I was drugged until my vision began to become blurry and I couldn’t form the words to ask what was happening to me.

Pulling my hair, making my head tilt back as the CEO looked down at me, “You’ll never leave this company. We own you Mora.”

She began kissing me and I wanted to say stop but found myself opening my mouth ready for her kiss. I found myself responding to her kiss with my own. As she removed her mouth the pm area supervisor clamped her lips upon mine, as I watched my am area supervisor refill my glass as she filled her mouth with the wine that they spiked with the aphrodisiac that has me in a wanton state. When my mouth was freed up, she filled my mouth with the wine she had in her mouth forcing me to swallow it before her tongue drove deeply into my mouth.

My body became warm as my hands started stroking each of them. In my mind, I thought I was pushing them away, however, I was finding the mounds of their breasts. The hardness of their nipples scraped against the palms of my hands. I have never touched another woman’s breasts before.

I heard laughing in my ears, “I see the wine is working perfectly on you.

It was as if it were a whisper in my ear and I began to get more aroused with the words. I didn’t realize a moan escaped my lips until they all laughed at me succumbing to them. No one told me to do anything and yet I was willing to explore them.

So deep into what I was doing, I didn’t realize that my shirt and bra were opened until they pulled them from my shoulders. Instantly my instinct kicked in that I should be covering my breasts and my wrists were held as the CEO began sucking on my perky pink nipples and I arched my back, giving my full breasts to her. Both supervisors cupped my breasts; feeding them to the big boss, as her mouth moved from one to the other what seemed like forever. I could feel my pussy begin to tingle. Without any reserve, I spread my legs.

What was I doing? I couldn’t stop myself.

Without missing a beat my supervisors released my wrists and while still feeding my breasts to the boss, with their free hand pulled my panties down and spread my legs wider. I didn’t stop them, nor did I think that I wanted to.

The CEO started fingering my wet pussy, making me wetter than I thought I could ever be. I knew the fabric on the chair beneath me began to get wet because I could feel my wetness slipping between my ass cheeks.

“This is by far the best evaluation session we’ve ever had. You need to see just how great your assets are to us Mora,” the CEO said as she trailed her face toward my exposed pussy. Leaving my wet, throbbing nipples exposed for my supervisors to start sucking on. I tried to stifle the moan that escaped my lips as the three of their mouth were on me. The CEO spread my pussy as her tongue slid deeper inside of me

I was not restrained, yet I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to move away from what they were doing to me. I wasn’t worried that anyone would walk in since everyone knew that these meetings could take a while and were never to be interrupted. I am quite sure though that my moans were carrying through the door.

The more I tried to find logic into stopping what was happening, the more I became aroused.

I was suddenly pulled upright from the chair to stand and I looked down at my bosses as they lapped at my wet pussy and realized that I was actually the boss of them. They fed off of my dripping wet pussy as if I were a fountain they were drinking from. I didn’t feel ashamed about being in this position from them spiking my drink.

I am doing my best to not scream and I ride their faces as they reach up to squeeze my aching nipples and am not ashamed at being their best flowing evaluation.

I begin to see myself held in high esteem at these meetings and know that I cannot change my outlook, I have to stay with this company.

I own these women, I am now in control.

*photo credit to Pornhub. (not sure where I got this shot from, had it for a while)


Employee’s Bonus

I fell asleep after the lovely sex round we had in your bed. So exhausted was I that I didn’t feel or hear you handcuffing my hands to the headboard or feel you spreading my legs extremely wide attaching them to the rope bound to the night stand on each side of your bed. You gently place the blindfold over my eyes and to ensure I can’t see anything place an eye mask over it. You don’t want to hear my protests and place a gag over my mouth.

Three of your female employees are anxiously sitting in your living room waiting for you to escort them into the bedroom to enjoy me sexually as their bonus. Something unbeknownst to me that you invited them two days ago to explore and ravish me sexually as you watched.

I didn’t know that you told them that I’d be at their mercy as I’d be bound and blindfolded to your bed for their enjoyment. The only thing you didn’t want them to do was make a sound or speak to me. Your purpose being that you’d love for me not to know who they were so that I’d be at a great disadvantage as I mingled with all your employees at the company picnic this weekend. Knowing that it could be anyone of them smiling and laughing in my face. You told them that for the picnic you’d have me not wearing bra and panties. You’d be proud knowing my nipples would be rock hard having everyone noticing them and you’d know my pussy would be beyond wet, knowing that I’d be amongst the women you gave the pleasure of feasting on and fucking my pussy.

For the time being I am presently knocked out and naked with my legs spread as you gather these women to stand at the foot of your bed, staring at my Brazilian waxed pussy as you spread it open for their eyes to enjoy the view.

You allow them to see the glistening pinkness of the pussy you just enjoyed a few moments before as they listened to my moans from beyond the bedroom walls. Each of them envisioning what I will look and taste like naked under their exploits.

Their eyes have also noticed my perky pink nipples, which you hope to see become riper under the effects of both being enjoyed at the same time by their mouths.

You now come up with the idea to put my earpods in my ears and play music because you’ll want to hear their praises over being able to enjoy my body, while I won’t be able to hear or remember their voices. You smile at the thought that you also want to tell them what to do to me.

Releasing my pussy, you give them the “shhhhh” signal as you gently place the pods in my ears. Pointing at two ladies you direct toward my tits, but signal for them to wait as you look at the woman still centered between my legs.

You love the vision and quickly take the first of many pictures that you’ll take on your phone, which you’ll later send to each of them and will also create screensavers for their office desktops. Something you’d love all your employees to see; me naked, bound, and pleasured by women I have no idea of their identities.

Nodding your head they each start fondling me and I start to stir, orginally thinking it’s you but realizing there are three different touches and try to move away, see who’s touching me and tell them to stop, but I can’t because you’ve made sure I couldn’t.

I’m not sure of where you are as their hands become more intrusive.

You start playing music in my ears, not extremely loud, but I can’t hear you telling the ladies you want them to enjoy everything about me sexually.

I don’t hear you ask if they like what they’re doing so far, nor hear their replies of yes.

Suck on those lovely nipples,” you say as you spread my pussy again and tell the woman there, “lick her clit like you’re a cat lapping up milk.”

The mouths that clamp down on my nipples suck hard and fast; as if they’re greedy to enjoy my nipples that I now feel stiffening against their tongues. The tongue licking my clit has long swift strokes and I try to thrash to move away from all of their mouths, but I’m held still. My hips are held down by you as you keep me in place to allow her to feast upon my now throbbing and tingling pussy.

She tastes my nectar as it fills my pussy.

I can’t hear her tell you that she feels and tastes me getting wet against her tongue. You look at the ones at my tits and ask how they love my nipples. They release the grip their mouths had on them with a pop and as they reply, you see how plump my pink nipples become, telling them that they’ve never been that size before.

More pics you take from different angles, glad to see how aroused I’ve become. Knowing that you’ll eventually have all 30 of your employees enjoying me sexually as you watch and they all have me in my sexual helplessness displayed on their desktop screensavers; something that I’ll never know about.

The women enjoying my nipples have begun flicking them as you watch my engorged nipples move back and forth rapidly against their fingers. The woman attending to my pussy starts flicking my throbbing wet pink clit.

There are no more moans if protest, but of unabashed pleasure as you now just focus on watching them enjoy me and you continue taking pictures.

Now I want the three of you to eat her pussy at the same time!” You are thrilled at that since I’ve never had two mouths there at the same time.

I feel the women release my nipples, thinking that my attack is finally over. I never expected to feel them join the other at my pussy. You’ve definitely made sure there was more than enough room for them to have their tongues battling for the best position to make me scream and cum.

The feeling of three tongues on and in my pussy makes me buck and gyrate my hips against my own volition. At first you tell them to hold my hips still, their feasting on my pussy is for their pleasure. All three place a vice grip on my hips as their mouths lick and suck on my pussy and clit. Their free hands thrusting their fingers inside at the same time, then taking turns to finger fuck me.

You’re enjoying the show, my gag is drenched from my spit as I continue to scream and moan against it. The cuffs showing proof of my bucking and writhing against their work. My nipples still exceedingly plump from being sucked, licked, nibbled on and flicked. You stand above the three women as they feast on my dripping wet pussy as if they were pups.

You want to capture the pure essence of this and start videoing it. The light from the recorder shining brightly as it captures each tongue trying to lick every drop from my throbbing pussy. Switching from camera mode to video recorder in slow motion so that it’s truly appreciated.

My moans and screams become louder and you tell them to release my hips.

I start fucking each of their faces as if they owned my pussy. My hips took on a life of their own as I started cumming and squirting. They never moved their faces as I splashed all over them. They drank from my exploding pussy.

I’ve never squirted before and you became a little jealous, throwing the phone down so that you may partake in their enjoyment as well. They even made room for you.

My shock came again as I felt the fourth mouth placed upon my spread pussy. I couldn’t control myself as I let loose another torrent of arousal as all your mouths continued to enjoy me.

I cum so hard that I pass out.

You and the ladies noticed my limp state, but noticed I was still breathing. You told them to each to slowly take their last licks of my pussy and nipples then leave.

I’ll send you ladies the pics and video later,” you say as you look at the stiffness of my nipples and how wet the bed and the women are. Smiling proudly, “I’ll upload your screensavers to your desks so that everyone will see your handy work. You’ve made me proud to be your boss ladies.

As they headed toward the door, they thanked you for their bonus and promised per their agreement to tell everyone at work about how delicious and wonderful it was to enjoy your girlfriend.

*feature photo from Pornhub (not sure which video. Took it a while ago)

Wanting More

My body craves the attention of others. To be touched, tasted, and fucked;

By either men or women, it doesn’t matter.

I want to moan loudly, hearing it echo off the walls;

Licking my juice and his cum from his balls.

My nipples are throbbing, craving to be seen,

Knowing he’ll rip my clothes off, just for you to see.

My Sirs will spread my legs, keeping me still,

Master will spread my pussy, showing you how wet I am at will.

They will see your tongue probe me, making me squirm, scream, and cum,

You’ll start thinking how lucky they are to have me as their slut.

My sexual free-will belongs to them,

They know better what and how to use it .

For years I’ve squandered it away on no-one’s,

But my Master and Sirs know who’s more worthy of hearing me, tasting me and seeing me cum.

I’m only allowed to taste and swallow my owners’ cum,

Just being privileged to witness everyone else cum.

Their cum cannot touch any part of my body,

However, they the fuck my mouth, ass and pussy.

All for the pleasure of my Master and Sirs,

Because I love being their slut.

The Reception

Mora is excited about her marriage to Lucky that’s happened today and she’s being accepted into her new family. Since Mora’s proclamation of being a lesbian to her family five years ago, she’s been disowned, there will be no-one from her family there to help celebrate. The guest list totals approximately 200; a mixture of Lucky’s family and friends and coworkers of both Mora and Lucky.

Karen; Lucky’s mother, is quite the force to never be challenged; typically everyone always does what she says. Little does Mora know that Karen made some major adjustments to this lesbian wedding reception and Lucky’s obliging her mother’s demands as she ensures Mora continues to get her fill of the champagne.

Mora watches as Liz; Lucky’s twin sister, places a chair in the middle of the reception hall’s floor and watches as Lucky sits in it. Liz and Karen escort the now giddy Mora to an adjustable table, binding her wrists and her ankles; spread-eagle apart and able to see that Lucky has full view of everything.

“Because this isn’t a traditional wedding, I don’t think this should be a traditional reception,” Karen speaks into the microphone. “Today,” Karen continues as she walks closer to Mora, “we all get to see why Lucky is so lucky to have you.”

No-one knew what that meant until Liz cut open the cheap reception gown Karen convinced Lucky to have Mora wear; without bra and panties. Because Mora is bound she unable to cover herself from everyone’s gaze as Lucky watches.

Both Karen and Liz reach out to pinch Mora’s nipples, making them hard before everyone’s eyes as Mora tries to squirm from them. To Mora’s mortification she finds she’s getting aroused by what is happening. Mora looks at Lucky only to see she’s smiling as everyone admires her wife’s nudity.

Looking at Liz, Karen says, “Since you and Lucky are identical, let’s see what she looks like enjoying Mora sexually.” Turning to smile at Lucky she continues, “now you can see just what you look like enjoying her.”

Without hesitation, Liz can’t believe she’s sucking on Mora’s nipple and touching her pussy, feeling it’s wetness as she inserts her manicured fingers inside if it.

Mora lets out a moan and looks to Lucky as if in apology, but Lucky is still smiling proudly. Mora looks around the room to see that everyone, including her own employees are all watching. She wants to scream stop, but instead finds herself getting aroused at the mercy of her in-laws.

Liz removes her fingers to show everyone; especially Lucky, just how wet Mora’s pussy has made them. Karen says, “See how much your wife is enjoying this reception? I figured she’d be aroused.” Standing next to Lucky, Karen continues, “Eat her pussy Liz! Make her have her first orgasm as Lucky’s wife in front of all of us!” Mora gasps as Liz spreads her pussy for all to see how wet and pink it is before her eager mouth closed on top of it.

The guests are breaking their necks to get the perfect view of seeing Lucky watch her twin sister make Mora cum instead of her; having Liz consummate Mora’s union as Lucky’s wife.

The sounds of Mora’s moans get louder as Liz intensifies the motions of her mouth and Karen fondles both Mora’s nipples. Mora knows she should tell them to stop, but the sensations are overpowering her as she sees Lucky’s happiness over watching her mother and sister welcome Mora to the family.

“She’s about to cum!” Lucky announces to everyone, making Mora scream louder because Lucky is telling everyone her sexual threshold.

Karen continues to encourage Liz, “Yeeeeees, that’s it, make her have her first orgasm as Lucky’s wife!”

Mora squirts all over Liz’s face as she screams louder than she ever has before and Lucky tells everyone how that’s never happened before. The room fills with everyone’s clapping and cheers.

“Mmmm, welcome to our family Mora. I see why Lucky loves you,” Karen announes as everyone shouts congratulations to Lucky.

My Servitude

As I kneel before my Master and my Sirs, looking at the stiffness of their cocks, I am happy that the three of them own me. I open my mouth ready to receive my Master’s thick cock upon the mouth that him and my Sirs have claimed as theirs; knowing that these lips and tongue shall only know and savor the tastes and nectar of my loves.

I look up and Master’s gaze admiring the love I’m giving to him and his cock in the presence of my Sirs. I feel his hands on my head as I keep eye contact with him as he starts riding my face. Hearing his moans as I pleasure him.

My Sirs are stroking their special cocks; Sir Rick with his hook and Sir Derek with his ribbed, in tune with me as I continue to suck Master’s thick cock. I hear them thanking him for finding me and knowing that it was meant that we became one unit.

As I continue sucking, my Sirs speak their happiness over how well you’ve trained me.

Sir Rick positions himself in front of me as Sir Derek gets behind me and starts finger fucking me. They love hearing how much I’m making my Master moan that they want to hear me let out the moans that belong to all of you.

My Master tells them to finger me faster and harder, as he enjoys hearing and feeling my moans and screams against his throbbing cock. Not long afterward, he lets out a loud roar as he cums in my mouth and the three of them watch as I swallow every drop of his thick load.

Now I pleasure my Sirs the same as I’ve pleasured my Master.