Peak Season

Horny and aroused craving for touches.

My nipples are so fucking sensitive that it drives me crazy!

I have started fucking someone for three weeks now and they are so in love with my nipples. The way they pay attention to them is insane! I never knew my nipples could be so sensitive. I cum before they even make contact; be-it, licking, sucking, or pinching. They pay such detail to making sure that my nipples feel like they will explode.

My intentions were to just be fuck buddies since I haven’t had sex since July 2017! That may be the real reason why my nipples are super sensitive. I don’t know how to deal with what this person does to me. They pay super attention to making me cum from everything they do.

I am not sure where this is going with them. I am not being open about how great they make me feel to them, but they get me. They keep broaching the subject of having a polygamous relationship; something I truly want, but I don’t want to start something that may not actually happen. So, for the time being I am just telling the person that I am only interested in just the sex.

I cried yesterday from the pure pleasure of what they were doing to my nipples alone. They know the outcome of what they are doing and take pride in doing it, telling me what to do while we are in the bed together; damn how I love that. But, they know outside of the bedroom I am so assertive. Once that bedroom door closes, they immediately take charge and I comply without hesitation. Once second we’re outside the bedroom door and I’m all assertive, bossy (at times) and my own force of nature.

Last week we were talking about something that I led the conversation on as we were going the to bedroom and as soon as the door closed they cut my words off as they pushed me against the wall and ordered me to remove my clothes because they were going to fuck the shit out of me. That immediately turned me the fuck on and I didn’t even point out that they interrupted me; something any other time would’ve annoyed the shit out of me.

They immediately started sucking hard on my nipples making me moan loudly. This is the type of shit that they know they have control over me with. I become their submissive and they love telling me how much of their slut (which I love hearing from them) I am and that they will not give me up for anyone.

These twin peaks give me over to them without hesitation and I don’t complain, but cum instead.

Rising Heights

I want to feel hornier than I can ever dream.

I know that I feel things and it’s hard to let them out.

It’s been 3 years since anyone’s touched me.

I have someone I send nudes to and je had taken pride in showing them off…

Because he’s my Master and wants to be happy with me being his spot slut… for him, Sir Derek and Sir Rick.

My servitude hasn’t ended and he enjoys the bounds he has over me… even from another state.

He’s had me video chat and put my on display. I was not permitted know or see my virtues viewers because their reactions/responses were simply for my Master’s pleasures.

I’ve been secretly signed displayed more than I could ever imagine. Nipples hard and throbbing. Pussy pink and wet, so moist… for I do not know the true count of all I’ve made bust a nut in the privacy of their own homes.

Master gladly brags how how he is at their reactions and that’s I will send him more pictures today of his slut.


I think of the things that will be required and commanded of me.

I get aroused when I think of what you’d want.

I thunk of the smile you’ll have,

Knowing you’ll show off your slave.

What’s more exciting is that I’ll have no control,

Because everything about me sexually, you’ll own.

I will be your prized possession,

They will love your lending me out for their sexual pleasure.

I will do all that you want,

Showing them that I’m your slut.


Here I am horny as hell,

I have no-one to make me cum.

Can’t masturbate, not like I want.

I am wet and throbbing inside,

Eager to please and be your slut.

Tie me up, put me on sexual display,

At the mercy of you and your guests.

They won’t stop until you say,

For your pleasure they will enjoy me,

Your pussy spread, showing my wetnes.

I will squirt, squirm and scream,

They will admire you for training me.

They will enjoy the pink nipples you own,

Their lips & hands will keep them engorged.

Multiple mouths will eat your pussy,

You spread me open & watch their feasting.

I will not be in control of any of it,

Because I am yours, your slut.

You will be pleased with my service,

You will give them pics for their enjoyment.

I will have no choice, but to comply,

They will be your secret fan club.

They shall know EVERYTHING about me,

No secrets shall be held sexually.

Women and men will enjoy me greatly,

For you have trained me to be pleasing.

Master’s Gift

Not too long ago Master offered me to a female employee of his as he had me blindfolded and bound and she took great pleasure with me in front of him.

For months I was not permitted to know anything about her except how Master was greatly pleased when she’d tell him how much she enjoyed me and that she thinks of me everyday. He said she told him how she enjoyed making me moan, squirm, scream and cum.

For each day she told Master, he’d make me strip and he’d take nude pics of me that he’d send to her in front of me immediately.

Somewhere out there was a woman Master enjoyed lusting me and I had no choice or control over it.

Then one day Master called me and told me when he got home he had a surprise for me. It wasn’t either of our birthdays or anything special. The only thing he wanted was for me to be naked, blindfolded, sitting in an armed chair with my legs spread open across them, and my arms behind the chair in front of the door.

Knowing I had five minutes to do this, I stripped out of my clothes, leaving them a pile on the floor next to the chair and did what I was told. A few minutes later I heard Master’s key in the door.

There I sat naked and eager to please him. And was unaware that the woman who lusted me daily stood next to him taking in the scenery.

The pink cherry-sized nipples Master trained for hours on end to become that engorged; staying that way 24/7, even while I slept. My arousal glistening from the nether lips her tongue and fingers fucked until the squishing sounds echoed off the walls and the scent filled the room; a telling sign of my being a bitch in heat.

Master watched as she licked her lips, knowing she’s going to enjoy me once again.

After what seemed like an eternity, Master finally spoke, “Very good my lovely slut.”

I smile as I thank him, knowing that I’ve pleased him.

I feel him as he kisses each nipple and begins fingering me.

“Nice and wet as you should be, slut,” spreading me open and smiling at her as she takes in the view of how pink and wet I am.

“It’s all for your pleasure Master as it should be,” I practically purr.

Without being told, her hand reaches out to touch one nipple while her mouth clamps over the other, and Master starts finger fucking me.

“Oh fuck, Master!”

“Slut, today is a special day,” and they both intensify their actions as I begin to squirm, trying to keep my hands behind my back as I know he wants me to and feeling my arousal getting stronger. I’m not sure who Master has granted to enjoy me today. I know I am not to ask.

I however do what I know will please him, “Thank you for sucking,” I take a breath in, “pinching,” I let out a slow moan as I arch my back, giving her full access,”and enjoying Master’s nipples for his pleasure.” I also begin gyrating against Master’s fingers, making them soaking wet.

My wantonly actions propel the woman; I know it’s a woman because of her small fingers pinching my throbbing nipple, to gently grip the swollen nipple between her teeth and flick it with the tip of her tongue. Her tongue switches between flicking it fast then slow then in circles. Master now follows the same suit. Both their mouths are sending thousands of electrical jolts to the clit Master’s finger is still flicking.

I am moaning non-stop, trying to get the sense to say my thank you’s, but I can’t stop saying, “Holy shiiiit! Oh my fucking goodness!” Over and over that’s all I can get out.

I finally begin to beg, “Master, pleeeeease may I cum for your pleasure?!”

He doesn’t answer me right away, he’s teasing and torturing me in front of her. I do my best to wait until he gives me permission, but each second it seems so hard.

I know he feels my orgasm on the tip of his fingers inside of me. But, he gently and sloooowly strokes my insides as both their tongues flick rapidly on my engorged nipples and I arch my back more than I thought possible.

I was so into the sensations that I barely heard Master grant me permission to cum.

As soon as it registered, I squirted like a volcano and Master spread me open as she stood there watching the pussy he trained twitch and erupt before her.

I heard her say, “Shit, this is the best birthday gift I’ve ever gotten.”

My Punishment for Cumming Without Permission (Part 2 of Jack Frost and the Neighbor Licked My Pussy”)

Oh, slut you will be punished!” Master roared loud enough for the other neighbors to hear. “I’m glad to see you’ve enjoyed both Jack Frost and the neighbor licking my pussy, all for my pleasure.”

Now that I’ve finished cumming to the combination of Jack Frost licking and the neighbor’s sucking on Master’s throbbing wet pussy (I am no longer permitted to claim anything sexual as mine but as Master’s) without permission, Master rips open my coat. True to his reprimand of me receiving a punishment, although he was pleased to see me cum, I was not supposed to.

I knew that I was supposed to ask Master first.

The cold air makes my already cherry-sized pink nipples more engorged. I look down to see the neighbor looking up at my protruding nipples, his eyes widening as he watched them grow.

Master whispers in my ear, “Slut, he really loves looking at my nipples,” cupping them as he invites the man to suckle them. But, realizing that it may be too cold for me Master instructs us to go inside of our house, but not before telling this man to lead me by pulling on the left nipple while he pulls on the right one as my hands remain behind my back.

I am led to the dining room table and pushed to lean over it with my face against the tabletop.

Spread your arms and legs, slut!” Master says gruffly.

“Yes, Master,” knowing that he will bind my hands and legs apart to the table, leaving me helpless from moving.

I hear Master whispering to the neighbor as his hands spread me open, giving this man a full view of my backside; every ounce of my wetness visible. As much as Master’s pussy is twitching and throbbing, I am ordered to stay still and I do my best to comply.

Master places a blindfold over my eyes, “Since my slut acts like she doesn’t know how to comply, she will not be permitted to see all that I want done to her for my pleasure,” he addresses to the man, which I still have not earned the privilege of learning his name.

“Damn, that’s fucking hot how you own her!” The man says with admiration.

“Slut, thank him!”

Thank you for enjoying me for Master’s pleasure.”

Whistling while still staring at Master’s spread ass and pussy, “I wish I could find a woman like this.”

I didn’t know Master nodded for the man to spread me open and continue his feasting.

I want to see you eat her and she will not come until I tell her to,” he pulls my hair and continues, “do you understand, slut? You aren’t allowed to ask me, I will tell you when I want you to.”

Breathlessly, I reply as I feel the neighbor’s hands and mouth make contact with me, “Yes, Master!”

With my blindfold on, I don’t see Master has left the room. He went to get the woman he already made plans with and instructed her to sneak in while I was on the balcony. When I heard Master whispering to the neighbor earlier, that’s what he was telling him. There was a female employee of his in the next room he invited over to enjoy me without my knowledge.

The woman already removed her coat and shoes so that I wouldn’t be aware of her presence. Unbeknownst to me, she watched my balcony performance and was anxiously awaiting her turn.

The neighbor watched as the woman walked over, then peered over his shoulder as he feasted and I was ordered to stay still; not moan or to cum. This man’s tongue was doing his best to make me cum and the only way I could stop myself each time he plunged into me was think of Master’s wrath at my disobedience. I already messed up by cumming on the balcony without asking.

I bite on my lower lip to prevent myself from making a sound.

Master lightly tapped on the man’s shoulder, signaling him to let the lady have her turn as the man continued to hold Master’s pussy open.

I thought the man backed up to get a breather for a second before he continued. The man stayed knelt down but the woman positioned herself in front of him and continued what I perceived to be him.

Master sat on a chair next to us watching and giving me permission to gyrate my hips and to say thank you.

Mmm, thank you for enjoying Master’s pussy for his pleasure,” doing my best to stay in compliance and do no more than what Master as given me permission to do. “Thank you for making his pussy so fucking wet!”

Hearing the smile on his face, “Very good, slut.”

Thank you, Master.”

The sensation of being eaten is driving me crazy, but I will show Master I will obey. There does seem to be a difference in the way the mouth feels on me, but I am unaware of the woman now taking her fill of me. The neighbor is enjoying himself as he spreads me open for her to do so.

Master gets up and nudges the man’s head, so that both he and the woman are eating me at the same time.

I let out a yelp and catch it as quickly as I let it out.

Master laughs as he watches me arch my back as both their tongues duel over who gets to eat me more. Now the both of their hands are doing their best to spread me extremely wide. Their tongues taking turns fucking me. I can tell the other person is a woman by the way her nails are digging into my skin.

I want to beg Master to cum so badly, but he told me when he’d allow me to cum. I do my best to fight it.

“Continue thanking them slut for eating my pussy, show them how good I’ve trained you.”

Without hesitation, because I want Master to continue being proud of me, “Thank you both for eating Master’s pussy for him!” I try to grip the restraints that are holding my wrists to brace myself, but can barely get a good grip.

“Don’t stop thanking them, slut! Every breath I want to hear you thanking them. They’re really enjoying you.”

Thank you for showing Master what a good slut I am! Thank you for having your tongues fuck me for Master’s pleasure!” I am now on a role with thank you’s, “Thank you for making me want to scream! Thank you,” my hips seem to now take on their own control as they try to gyrate against their hands that are holding me still; something Master whispered in their ears to do.

Master knows it’s tearing me up inside now. The scent of my sluttiness in the air, the table super slick beneath me, my captors’ fingers are sliding every few seconds from how fucking wet I am.

“Would my slut like to cum now?” Master asked me smugly.

YES! PLEEEAAASSSE!” I practically scream at the top of my lungs.

You may ask me then, my beautiful, obedient slut.”

Master, may I please cum for your pleasure?!”

“No, you may not cum, slut.”

Feeling lost, but knowing he’s waiting for my acknowledgment, “Thank you, Master, for denying me to cum. Your denial is solely for your pleasure.”

I am ready to erupt, but I must obey his denial. Master comes over and holds me open as he instructs them to reach up and fondle his beautiful cherry-sized nipples. I want to scream. Master knows that nipple play makes me want to cum and I’m already on the edge!

I feel both the neighbor and this woman’s hands slide under me and grasp a plump nipple. Their tongues never ceasing their work on the pussy that Master owns and has given them access to.

Without being told, I do what is expected of me, “Thank you for playing with Master’s nipples. May you please enjoy them for my Master’s pleasure.”

Once I’ve voiced it, their pinches become more intense. Yanking on them as if they were milking me. In a sense they are and the milk is between my legs.

My panting becomes more rapid and I think of doing everything I can to please Master.

“Cum for me NOW, slut!”

I explode before he finishes granting me permission to cum, yelling at the top of my lungs as if I were talking to him from across a crowded room, “THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO CUM FOR YOUR PLEASURE, MASTER!”

“Good girl. This punishment was to show you why you should always maintain your obedience to me. It gave me great pleasure to deny you an orgasm. However,” he continued as he nudged the two of them away and he started fucking me, “it gives me greater pleasure when I can grant you permission to cum.”

With that, he fucks me hard and fast as if he were a jackhammer. The man and the woman; Master did not reveal her identities to me, sit and watch him fuck the pussy they made extremely wet for his pleasure.

Office Licktation

I’m sitting at my desk minding my own business when Master walks in smiling.

“You know what I’m here for my slut,” he says as he walks toward my desk.

I nod my head, “Yes, Master,” as I push my chair away from my desk. I glance at the clock, I’m supposed to be heading a meeting in ten minutes with a couple of the main department heads in my office.

Master crawls under my desk and lifts my skirt, knowing that it would be bare without panties to block his access, as he has commanded of me since I became his slut. Spreading my legs for him automatically, I look down at him ogling the pussy that he has trained to stay wet.

“Mmm, very good my slut,” he says as his fingers spread me wider to get a full look.

I smile as I am happy that I have pleased him, yet I sneak glances at the door because the others should be arriving shortly.

Smiling wickedly Master tells me, “Today you will learn to please me while not alerting others as to what I am doing to the pussy I own.”

“Oh, Master!” I gasp, “Please!” I let out.

Just as he is about to reply, my office door flies open and in walk the four women I am to have a meeting with for the next hour.

Without letting on that he is there, he pulls my chair in spreads my pussy and starts fingering me as I do my best to give my opening presentation. Master’s fingers slowly inch their way inside my wet lips. The tips of his fingers making small circles on my clit when they exit my pussy with the way he’s finger fucking me.

I do my best not to squirm or make noise. I am truly trying to keep my face and voice neutral.

I can barely focus on the question that was asked of me as my Master’s tongue makes contact with my throbbing pussy as his fingers now spread me beyond what I thought possible. It’s as if he’s trying to spread me wide enough for these women to see me under the table.

The sensations are so strong, I pretend to cough to mask the moan I am trying not to let out. This makes Master’s tongue fuck me rapidly. I swear the sound of my wet pussy is echoing loud enough for them to hear.

I make the mistake of looking down to see Master looking up at me smiling as his mouth continues its litany on my pussy and I fight the urge to gyrate against his mouth. I see the shininess of my wet pussy around his mouth, knowing damn well my seat is soaked as well.

Out of the blue, I am brought back to the situation at hand when someone asks, “What’s that smell?”

My head yanks up, “What smell?” I ask, knowing that the scent of my wet pussy is now in the air.

“I can’t describe it, but it smells really nice.”

I realize that not just her, but others can smell me.

Master takes this time to go in for the power of his ownership of my pussy and both his tongue and fingers are moving swiftly. Before I could stop myself, my hands brace the edge of my desk and I start riding Master’s face and let out a loud moan as I cum for him in front of these women.

Master pushes my chair away from the desk, gets up and faces the women so that they see his glistening mouth.

Without a word Master leaves as the women look at me still panting.