Published Books by Zena Ann on

I have a new short story erotica series, New Year, New Her: Mora’s Servitude Series-Book 1 published on in both Kindle ebook ($3.50) and paperback ($12.95). In addition, I also have my first published erotica Kindle ebook of mini-stories, Sexual Insights ($2.95).

Feel free to check them out and give your feedback, comments, and share.

Reach out on suggestions of things you’d like me to touch on.

Thank you greatly.

New Release Soon 📚

Stepping out on a limb

I have decided to try my hand at self publishing yet another book on Maybe I did a little better with it. I do love writing, it’s just I’m not that computer savvy. Then I know there are so many things I can do to be better.

Fear of failure holds the cement blocks to my ankles.

I can only do what the late Aalyah sang, Try Again, and not fall into the “what if’s” or the “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve” game later for not trying.

Practice Runs

There’s always room for improvements. Everyone has to start somewhere. If everyone that’s finally succeeded at what they’re doing now hadn’t tried, we’d be in a world of trouble!

So, what if my self-publishing isn’t off to a great start. At least I’m trying and that beats me not doing shit about it but wishing and hoping.

I’m building my connection with other writers and although it’s scary, it’s an awesome feeling.

Putting it out there

Amazon should release it soon and I’m looking forward to receiving a new followers.