Ice Bitch


I moved into my new condo last month, not really feeling the “welcoming party” that was given to me by my neighbor and her two spoiled-assed 21 year old twin daughters. Heck, I had about 5 years over them and moved entirely to another state while these two stayed at home with their mother.

This morning, when I was leaving to go on my jog, I purposely didn’t hold the elevator door for the spoiled brats, especially since I heard them shout out for me to do so. I don’t believe they’ve ever been told, “no” before. The other people on the other floors act like those two controlled them.

They met the right bitch now.

I went on my jog laughing in my head thinking about the astonished look on their faces as I smiled while pressing the door close button.

However, little did I know the two brats had a copy of my apartment keys from the previous elderly owner who needed help from time to time with her laundry and or groceries. While I was out the two of them pried through my things, especially my underwear drawer.

I didn’t know they were infatuated with me.

They snooped through my hamper and removed the panties I wore last night, sniffing in my scent, even taking turns to lick the crotch of them; fantasizing they were licking my pussy.

Since they learned my habits while I hadn’t learned any of theirs, they knew I’d be back soon and they grabbed another pair, so they could each have one. They exited my apartment two minutes before I got there. Greeting me in the hallway and observing my extremely wet and sweaty shirt, which was clinging to my tits. I’ve been jogging for a long time that I didn’t realize my nipples were erect and very plump before their very eyes. Since I was ignoring the twins, it gave them the best vantage point to get a great view of them.

In their minds they began fantasizing about what they’ll look, taste, and feel like. They already had the scent of my pussy still wafting in their noses.

The two brats knew what they had to do. They conveniently left and went to a very special store across town. Very pleased with their purchases, they smiled all the way home devising their plan.


Two weeks later, like clockwork, I left for my jog. The twins immediately went to set up their plan as soon as I left, knowing that I should be back soon, knowing that what they devised had to be executed as planned.

The twins figured the first thing I’d do is grab a bottle of water as soon as I got in, so they spiked my refillable water bottle from the fridge with an undetectable aphrodisiac. The two of them ensuring that their plan would work this way.

In my bedroom they concealed the restraints they had for me very well that they wouldn’t be noticed at first glance. They even did a great job when they hid the different video cameras they set up.

By the time they set up everything, I was on my way back for a shower and a nap. That was my plan, anyway.

When I got out of the elevator, I was pleased to not have seen the twins. Smiling as I opened my door, not noticing them hiding in my hall closet facing the fridge to ensure I drank my spiked water. With delight they watched as I drank all of my water greedily, almost instantly. From their vantage point they witnessed as I began stripping off my sweaty clothes, so that I could head to the shower.

I was unaware of their ogling eyes as they took in the sight of my naked full breasts as I peeled off my bra only inches from them. My perky pink nipples bouncing before them as I removed my leggings, revealing to them that I wasn’t wearing underwear. They got a great glimpse of my bare waxed pussy.

Oblivious to their presence, I began my journey to the bathroom and began starting my shower, not understanding why I was beginning to feel horny.

The twins made their way to my bedroom, hiding in the closet, excitedly waiting for me.

As I entered my room, my back was to them as I allowed my towel to fall in a heap around my feet. Since I sleep naked, I was reaching for my covers to pull back so that I could slide between them. That’s when they crept up behind me, covering my mouth with the chloroformed rag.

Turning me on my back, they both took in the view of my nudity, spreading my pussy, taking a great look at my pinkness, smiling about what they’ll do to me. They worked quickly to bind me, spread-eagled with a pillow lifting my hips… making my pussy more accessible and visible. However, not wanting to touch me sexually until I was awake so that I would know.


They woke me up, with a gag in my mouth, music played in the front room to muffle any protests I made through the gag, but they’d be able to hear me since they were so close to me.

Although I was trying to protest, somehow I found myself becoming aroused. I felt mortified as my nipples rose as they looked at my tits. Both their fingers began to touch them and roll their stiffness between their fingers. My nipples began to get harder. In my mind I was letting out a protest, instead a moan vibrated in my throat. This made them smile as they both began to suck on each nipple. At first slowly, the tips of their tongues flicking and circling rings around my nipples.

All I could do was look down at them and see their greedy mouths begin to suck harder in my nipples. Extremely hard and fast, almost like a pump. Their mouths released my throbbing nipples with a pop and I screamed against the gag, thrashing against my restraints. To my shock, my nipples were throbbing hard and were bigger than they’ve ever been… CHERRY-SIZED!

I could feel my pussy getting wet from what was being done to me; still not realizing that I was drugged. They both spread my now moist pussy. I began to blush from the embarrassment that I was aroused. With their free hand they both began rubbing my moisture in fast and slow circles over my clit. One was slowly finger fucking me, spreading my pussy juice to my clit while the other was rubbing my now moist clit very fast.

I couldn’t stay still under their touches and they laughed at me, calling me their slut. Never stopping what they were doing to my pussy, they both began sucking hard again on my throbbing erect nipples. I began screaming moans of pleasure against the gag. I couldn’t help it. I was feeling such pleasure from their torment. I could feel my pussy juices dripping between my ass.

Again they released my nipples with a suctioned pop from their mouths, my nipples appearing to almost reach for the ceiling.

The twins licked their lips as they both stared at how wet my pussy had become. Their fingers spreading it as if to see all the way inside of me. I could feel my pussy twitch and they began to laugh at me as my pussy began to cum before their eyes. They watched until my pussy barely stopped twitching and immediately both their mouths were upon my wetness. Licking and sucking my pussy as if it were the first meal they had in a long time. Before I could stop myself, my pussy began to feed them as I began cumming again.

The licking and slurping sounds of their mouths echoed in my room, making me cum again and again as their tongues took turns digging into me like a jackhammer, their fingers reaching up to tweak the nipples they’ve engorged to be cherry-sized. I couldn’t stop screaming and moaning against the gag. My head thrashing from side side on my pillow, all the while never begging them to stop. Instead my moans encouraged them to do what they wanted to me.


As I was still in the throes of my current orgasm, I could feel how wet I’ve made the pillow below my hips. The twins obviously can see it all. As one of them spreads my pussy again, the other reaches for a mini cooler they brought in, she opens it once she puts it on the the bed. I watch as she puts on a winter glove. I’m confused as to why. They both laugh and tell me that since I’ve been such an ice bitch to them; she lifts out a dildo…molded from ice, they wanted to make sure I got fucked like one.

Now I try harder than ever to break free and scream from the terror of what they were about to do.

The twin spreading my pussy open for her sister, pushed down on my hips roughly, preventing me from moving.

They both made fun of my fear, ridiculing me for acting like an ice bitch. I began to scream my apologies, but they paid them no mind. Instead their eyes and smiles widened as the one twin inched the head of the ice dildo toward my spread pussy. In unison they told me to take it like the ice bitch I was and that they know I’ll enjoy it.

I could feel the coldness getting closer to my hot, wet, exposed pussy. Without warning, the ice dildo was thrust rapidly inside me, to its base since it wasn’t a long one. I screamed and had no choice, but to arch my back. My nipples standing at full attention as I screamed from the cold invasion inside my pussy.

She pulled it out swiftly and my back fell against the bed. Before I could get myself together, she thrust it back in. This time she truly began fucking me with it as her twin continued to hold my pussy open and keep my hips still.

They both reveled in hearing my screams and bragged about how hot my pussy was that the dildo was melting.

Apparently, you’re not the ice bitch you thought yourself to be!

The twin fucking me said as they both watched the dildo melt and my pussy become accustomed to it. My moans began to sound different, and they loved it.

To my surprise their mouths began slurping, licking, and sucking the mixture of the melted ice with my pussy juice. I was completely at their mercy. The combination of their hot mouths and the ice dildo made me cum non-stop. To my shock, my pussy squirted for the first time. I squirted all in/on their faces/mouths.

They backed up and the twin fucking me with the melting dildo began to fuck me harder and faster. My moans and screams began coming non-stop and louder through the gag.

The twin holding my pussy open smiling at me as she tells me that it’s almost melted completely. She also began to tell me how they were excited to buy and freeze it. But she’s happiest most of all because they just put me in my place to show that I’m NOT an ice, but is now their slut.

The twin fucking me made me agree that I was their slut to fuck anytime they wanted as she thrust the fast melting dildo harder and faster inside me. When it became nothing but a nub; small enough for a miniature icy, she shoved it deep inside my pussy with her finger and both twins held my legs closed as they sucked harder on my nipples than they did before.

Through my gag as I began cumming all over the remaining piece of the ice dildo that I’m forced to keep inside of me and the twins suck on my nipples, they can hear me yell that I was their slut to do whatever they wanted to/ with me.

As my pussy sucked on the remaining sliver of ice, I knew that I’d never act like an ice bitch again, but as these twins slut.

And then the ice sliver was no more.

Public Shares

I am turned on at the aspect of public sharing. If only I were younger and more physically attractive I’d love for someone to do that to me. I fantasize a great deal about it. Pornhub has my viewing it plenty of times. To be vulnerable and at the mercy of someone else controlling what others do to me sexually, wow! That shit is hot to me.

Not being able to tell anyone no when they want to fuck me in public in front of others.

I just recently watched a video where a female stripper was approached on stage by another woman and the woman ate the stripper’s pussy as everyone cheered her on. It was arousing to see that the female that was eating the stripper’s pussy invited other women onstage to enjoy the woman’s pussy as she spread the stripper’s pussy and held the other women’s heads to the stripper’s pussy. The cheers got louder and it was obvious that the stripper was enjoying being on such display that way.

Whether it was staged or not, that shit was hot!

I wished that I could have that do to me, especially when I was younger and had the body for it. Knowing that others enjoy the taste of my pussy and nipples in their mouths and there would be no way for me to stop them as they made me wetter and eventually cum; over and over again.

I love that my nipples are ultra sensitive, all the mouths that would’ve been licking, sucking and pinching on them would’ve made me cum alone. Knowing that numerous pairs of eyes were looking at my tits and wet, spread pussy and I could not get away from them turns me the fuck on. I imagine; mostly women, having their way with me. I like dick, but I love pussy more. Being bi-sexual has it’s advantages, but when I masturbate and watch porn, I think of lesbian sex and how a woman would ensure that other women would enjoy me.

Heck, I have even had fantasies of this said woman exposing and sharing me with a female family member, just because she could. The humiliation from the experience would be arousing enough that the other person would see the sexual power the woman has over me.

The latest fantasies have been of a woman being sexually exploited at her own lesbian wedding reception in front of all the female guests. The bride would be stripped in front of her new wife as the twin of the bride would strip her and enjoy her sexually in front of everyone. The thrill of the fantasy is that the bride’s wife watched jealously knowing that she herself had never seen her naked, touched, or tasted her bride before and now her twin sister is showing everyone just how arousing the bride is. They will always remember how she looked naked, how she looked and sounded when she came, and that her she was sexually enjoyed in front of her wife before she could herself.

I am not sure why that fantasy arouses me or why I even started thinking about it, but it does arouse me. I am not saying that that’s what I would like done to me, but wow, the variations I have had about that fantasy. At times I’ve thought about how at the reception the twin would invite a couple of the bride’s employees to the reception just so that she could have them enjoy her sexually as well after she made the bride cum. The wife would by that time be proud of the fact everyone saw how beautiful the bride is naked and sexually, that she’d be extremely happy to see the bride’s employees being in control of their boss sexually in front of everyone. I have even fantasized at times that the employees would have video of it as their screen savers at work so that everyone could see what they did to her at her reception. I have even fantasized of versions where the twin hypnotized the wife to say that she would never enjoy her bride sexually or see her naked because she would be the only enjoying her sister-in-law sexually.

Yes, my fantasies are twisted and that’s why I usually keep to myself. I don’t believe that anyone would relate to the sexual arousal I get from these thoughts…any of my sexual thoughts, be-it I want them to be true or not, they turn me on.

Cumming in My Sleep

After a long day, I came home, took a shower and crashed. I text my lover that I was exhausted and they said they understood and wished me a good night.

Thinking that all was good in the universe with them, we stopped texting and I drifted off to sleep.

Little did I know my lover made a copy of my key yesterday when I was taking a bath and they went to the store. My lover waited a few hours to ensure I was asleep, creeping in with a few of their friends; male and female, entering my room as I was sprawled on my bed naked.

They all got their eyeful as the streetlights shown through my open curtained window.

My lover began to gently tie my wrists and ankles to the bed. I never stirred.

Spreading my pussy as I slept, showing them my pinkness. One of them turned the flashlight from their phone on low, so they wouldn’t wake me so they all could see what was displayed before them.

My lover jerked their head at one of them and mouthed silently for her to kick my pussy. Little did I know my lover already planned this with their friends days ago and they each knew their parts.

The woman gently licked my spread pussy and circled the tip of her tongue on my clit.

I moaned in my sleep and they all smiled.

My lover signaled with their other hand for one of the men to suck my nipple. His tongue began to circle my flat nipple until it began to rise for him before everyone watching.

They were so gentle, I never moved.

My lover smiled at the other man, signaling him to my other nipple; which gave him the same reaction as the other man.

My lover watched as their friends gently enjoyed me while I slept, moaning periodically and getting wet.

The woman whispered to my lover about how delicious I was as I began to get wetter on her tongue.

My lover whispered for them to switch and just as they planned, the first one to lick my nipple switched places with the woman; her face shiny from my pussy juice.

The man moaned against my pussy, which in my sleeping state made me wiggle a little and moan.

My lover gave a warning glance because they didn’t want me to wake up, but to feed their friends’ pleasures and curiosities about me sexually.

My lover watching and hearing my pussy getting wetter and they were aroused watching their friends enjoy me this way.

The last man then had his turn to taste me as my nipple was seized by the one that just ate me.

The whole time my lover was recording what was being done to me; displaying my wetness and erect nipples as I lie there against the men and woman’s mouths.

My lover told the woman to return to my pussy and her tongue began to dance against my moist clit.

My body enjoyed it as I slept and I moaned softly; both my nipples and my pussy were being gently licked.

My lover watched as I came on the woman’s tongue; never even waking, moaning and gyrating my hips in my sleep.

My lover smiled proudly and told them it was time leave.

My wrists and ankles were untied and they crept out as easily as they crept in. A few moments later I woke up to use the bathroom, noticing how wet my pussy was and how stiff my nipples were.

Thinking I had a sexual dream, I tried to recall it, but couldn’t. Once in the bathroom I noticed the light welts on my wrists and ankles wondering how I managed to do that, but couldn’t figure it out. So, I brushed it off and went back to bed.

Across town, my lover and their friends spoke about how great it was to have me while I slept. The men jealous that my lover allowed the woman to enjoy me as I climaxed, but thanking my lover for the experience to taste me.

My lover was plotting the next time they would enjoy me again, but after they introduce me to these people at the 4th of July cookout next week. The thrill of having me before them without my knowledge that they’ve had their pleasure with me excited my lover immensely.

My lover told them it was ok to imagine me naked the whole time and that they should be proud they made my body react the way it did.

Little did I know my lover was planning on letting me know about it at a later date… after my body has gotten accustomed to being shared.

Open Availablity

Is it just me that thinks of; at times, being sexually engaged by a stranger? Maybe one day being on the crowded train and my tits are almost in front of someone due to the crowded train and they begin to fondle my tits while I hold onto the rail for balance. Especially if I am in the corner and no-one can see the stranger cupping my tits with their hands shoved up my shirt. Sliding their hands under my bra to feel the stiffness of my nipples against their probing and pinching fingers. I don’t think I would even stop them as I stand there helpless. The back and forth motion of the moving train would propel me toward them and I would feel them lift my shirt out of view of others and begin to suck on my throbbing nipple.

I at times get wet on my daily commute thinking about it. One of their fingers would be probing my wet pussy at the same time as their mouth continued to suck hard on my nipple and I would stand there trying not to make a sound as this stranger enjoyed taking from me what they wanted, and without warning would abruptly stop and exit the train as they probably reached their stop. I would try to modestly adjust my shirt and try to stop my pussy for cumming from the experience that I just endured.

This is just a fantasy that has plagued my mind at times because I am that freaky, I guess. If it were to really happen to me, I might just try to kick the person’s ass and call the police from embarrassment, who knows.

I am sharing these thoughts with you because I am not ashamed to admit my thoughts with you. Sex is constantly on my mind.

Peak Season

Horny and aroused craving for touches.

My nipples are so fucking sensitive that it drives me crazy!

I have started fucking someone for three weeks now and they are so in love with my nipples. The way they pay attention to them is insane! I never knew my nipples could be so sensitive. I cum before they even make contact; be-it, licking, sucking, or pinching. They pay such detail to making sure that my nipples feel like they will explode.

My intentions were to just be fuck buddies since I haven’t had sex since July 2017! That may be the real reason why my nipples are super sensitive. I don’t know how to deal with what this person does to me. They pay super attention to making me cum from everything they do.

I am not sure where this is going with them. I am not being open about how great they make me feel to them, but they get me. They keep broaching the subject of having a polygamous relationship; something I truly want, but I don’t want to start something that may not actually happen. So, for the time being I am just telling the person that I am only interested in just the sex.

I cried yesterday from the pure pleasure of what they were doing to my nipples alone. They know the outcome of what they are doing and take pride in doing it, telling me what to do while we are in the bed together; damn how I love that. But, they know outside of the bedroom I am so assertive. Once that bedroom door closes, they immediately take charge and I comply without hesitation. Once second we’re outside the bedroom door and I’m all assertive, bossy (at times) and my own force of nature.

Last week we were talking about something that I led the conversation on as we were going the to bedroom and as soon as the door closed they cut my words off as they pushed me against the wall and ordered me to remove my clothes because they were going to fuck the shit out of me. That immediately turned me the fuck on and I didn’t even point out that they interrupted me; something any other time would’ve annoyed the shit out of me.

They immediately started sucking hard on my nipples making me moan loudly. This is the type of shit that they know they have control over me with. I become their submissive and they love telling me how much of their slut (which I love hearing from them) I am and that they will not give me up for anyone.

These twin peaks give me over to them without hesitation and I don’t complain, but cum instead.

Rising Heights

I want to feel hornier than I can ever dream.

I know that I feel things and it’s hard to let them out.

It’s been 3 years since anyone’s touched me.

I have someone I send nudes to and je had taken pride in showing them off…

Because he’s my Master and wants to be happy with me being his spot slut… for him, Sir Derek and Sir Rick.

My servitude hasn’t ended and he enjoys the bounds he has over me… even from another state.

He’s had me video chat and put my on display. I was not permitted know or see my virtues viewers because their reactions/responses were simply for my Master’s pleasures.

I’ve been secretly signed displayed more than I could ever imagine. Nipples hard and throbbing. Pussy pink and wet, so moist… for I do not know the true count of all I’ve made bust a nut in the privacy of their own homes.

Master gladly brags how how he is at their reactions and that’s I will send him more pictures today of his slut.

Pink Euphoria

I lie there as she touches my throbbing pink nipples, trying not to close my legs from the electricity she has shooting there from her touch.

Without realizing it there are other hands tying a rope around my thighs to keep my moist pussy exposed for anyone to see. Her fingers ensures that as she spreads my pussy lips open and there are multiple eyes; men and women, ogling my shiny, pink, wet pussy.

The same hands that bound my thighs open now do the same to my wrists.

She whispers in my ear that I’ll be on display for all to see, but only a select few will be able to touch, taste, and fuck me. I gasp! I watch as the crowd grows bigger, multitudes of strangers taking in the sight of my nudity and arousal at being publicly displayed for them.

Omg! Is this really happening? And I’m getting aroused by this?

In the middle of my thoughts, I feel her fingers fuck me slowly in front of her audience. Her fingers are covered heavily with my pussy juice, which she takes out and inserts in the mouth of the closest person in the front row.

The man sucks greedily on her fingers, savoring the taste of my pussy.

She smiles at me and I know that she will not let me loose until she’s happy that every stranger has enjoyed the pleasures of my body and I’ve climaxed for each of them.

And now it begins…