Mistress’s Display

Mistress leads me by the collar and leash she has around my neck, my eyes blindfolded by a silk scarf, and my hands are bound behind my back. The pink swollen and throbbing cherry- sized nipples she owns are protruding quite evidently before me.

She smiles as she glances at them, ecstatic that she trained them to be that way 24/7. She wants everyone to always notice them before they notice my face. My Mistress loves seeing everyone, especially women, licking their lips because they crave to taste them.

Mistress has waxed between my legs, making sure that every part of the pussy she owns can be seen, touched, and tasted without interruptions of stray hairs getting in the way.

I am so wet right now and she hasn’t done anything to me, yet.

Tonight, Mistress is walking me through the female college campus to one of the sorority houses so that I may be inducted. I will not be permitted to see who will take pleasure with me and who will witness it. But Mistress has informed me that there will be faculty; some being my professors, students and a few guests from the opposing college that may partake in the festivities.

Mistress has permitted me to attend one of the universities and spoke to them about this initiation since my first day.

Mistress can be quite persuasive.

I am now led into a room where I hear the murmurs and gasps as they witness my Mistress flaunting my submission before them.

I hear the dean of admissions thank my Mistress for wanting the chosen participants to take pleasure of me in front of everyone.

Mistress tells her to touch me and I feel her cold curious fingers pinch my nipples.

I gasp and Mistress instructs me to thank the dean.

“Thank you pinching Mistress’s nipples for her pleasure.”

The dean is very impressed.

Her fingers now feel how wet I am and she hasn’t even spread my pussy yet.

“Mmm, she’s so wet! They’re going to loooooove her!” The dean said happily. “May I taste her before them?”

Proudly, Mistress tells her she could.

Without hesitation, the dean kneels before me, spreads my nether lips and slowly laps her tongue against my wet labia and throbbing clit.

Before I could stop myself, I moaned.

This pleased Mistress, “Very good, slut. Show her how good you are.”

“Yeeeeees, Mistress!” I let out breathlessly, “Thank you for tasting Mistress’s pussy for her pleasure.”

Mistress pulled the dean away, “That’s enough. I want to let the others have her now.” Mistress watches as the dean’s tongue licks her moist lips, “You can brag to then in the opening speech how delicious my slut is.”

The leash pulled and I’m led a few more feet to what I believe is the middle of the room.

Mistress places me on an upright chair, tying me to it with my legs spread and I can feel their stares looking at my throbbing wet pink pussy and engorged pink nipples.

I’m on such display and I have no way of covering myself.

I hear camera shutters, knowing that Mistress has permitted everyone to take pics of me. I will not be permitted to know who has or will receive evidence of my servitude.

They love what they see, my slut,” Mistress whispers in my ear.

Without notice there are several hands all over me! Plucking and pinching my nipples while my pussy is being fondled, spread, and they fight over whose fingers gets to be inside me. I begin to squirm as the sensations from the mixture of their hands and mouths explore me.

My moans are loud and fast.

Someone’s finger pierces my asshole, which it’s wet from all the pussy juice that’s dripped between my cheeks.

Everyone’s touch is greedy, exploratory and I can’t focus on just one touch or sensation. I want to cum!

“Mistress, may I please cum for your pleasure?”

Mistress denies me and I have no choice but to thank you her for denying me.

“If you cum slut, I will pin those swollen pussy lips open and let everyone stare at MY throbbing pussy. Do you understand, slut?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

The sensations of all their actions are so strong, I’m doing my best to comply.

Someone’s teeth now are clamped gently and firmly in my nipple as they tug it as far as it can go while swiftly grazing it with the tip of their tongue.

I scream!

I try thinking of Mistress’s wrath if I cum. I need to not think of the pleasures I feel.

Now someone is doing the same to the other nipple. Oh, no please don’t make me cum, I begin to silently beg.

My pussy and ass are spread wider than I thought was possible and the pressure of a vibrator are on my pussy and asshole.

I arch my back from its intensity.

The vibrators are now turned up more.

There’s now cubes of ice circling my nipples and clit.

Before I could stop myself, I erupted like a volcano, bucking my hips against the vibrators as they continued their possession and the ice continued on my nipples and clit.

I heard Mistress take over the vibrator on my pussy. She turned it up to full speed and tried inserting it inside of me.

Since you didn’t listen, you will be fucked by this vibrator!”

I beg her forgiveness before because now my pussy is super sensitive and the bulb head on the vibrator seems like it won’t fit.

I was wrong.

I’m so wet and still cumming that my pussy is sucking the head of the vibrator in.

Mistress commands me to take it. I Tyne other women have now stopped to watch Mistress fuck me with the high speed vibrator.

“Hold her hips down, hard!” I hear Mistress say.

My moans and screams are so loud.

I feel hands holding me still as Mistress continues to fuck me with the pulsating vibrator before them.

I am gushing non stop now. I didn’t think it was that much water inside of me.

With a loud pop and suction sound, Mistress pulled out the vibrator and did as she said she’d do, she pinned my pussy open and left me there for the rest of the day for everyone to ogle my sluttiness.

Sir Derek

While my husbands are out at work, I’ve maintained our house. The laundry is done, the house is cleaned, and dinner is prepped. I go in our bed to take a quick nap.

I briefly doze off, not hearing Sir Derek come home briefly to enjoy his wife. He is happy to see how I care for our home as he walks toward our bedroom. Standing in the doorway he smiles as he sees how I obey your command to stay naked in our house.

He silences his phone because he doesn’t want any interruptions as he takes his pleasure of me. Quickly removing his clothes as I still am unaware that he’s there. Going to his side of the bed he reaches underneath for the suitcase he has with his toys. As he gets in the bed, he kisses me as he calls my name. I wake to see his ribbed cock with his cock ring on, it makes his cock thicker and more ribbed.

I move down his torso and circle my tongue around the head of his bulging cock. As I do, he angles me so that his view will be his ass and he inserts the anal beads he got for me. I feel each ball go in as he does, making me take his cock inside his hungry mouth. My moans vibrate against his throbbing cock and he moans along with me. I take his cock to the back of my throat, fighting the urge to gag, but barely. This pleases him knowing he’s at the back, feeling the massive wads of spit slide over his cock and balls.

He starts riding my face as one hand holds my head where he wants and the other starts to sloooowly pull one bead out at a time from his ass. My moans are still muffled against his cock and he loooovvvvves each one.

I take my finger and saturate it with a great deal of the spit oozing from my lips over his shaft and his balls; finding my way to his prostate. Everytime he pulls a bead out of me I stroke his prostate fast then sloooowly when he doesn’t. Working my finger in a circle and thrust motion. His moans are music to my ears.

He pushes his mouth off of his throbbing cock as he tries not to cum at the moment. He stands me up and leans me over the mattress as he still has some anal beads in. Sir Derek inserts a remote controlled vibrator in his wet pussy. Switching it from slow to fast rapidly. I scream as I lose my balance against the bed and he pulls the beads out quickly, telling me not to cum nor close my legs. I scream from the agony!

I want him inside of me, to feel the ridges of his cock stroking the inside of his pussy. I know that’s not going to happen with the vibrator there. I feel him spreading his asscheeks staring at his tight offering. I think he’s going to enter me, but he just continues to stare as he changes the speed of the vibrator with the remote he has pressed against his ass as he keeps it spread. I gyrate my hips towards his cock expecting him to enter me, but he doesn’t.

I’m breathless, moaning, and screaming and he just watches as his pussy gets wetter and his offering is staring him in the face. I’m doing my best not to cum as he’s ordered me.

The desperation to cum overpowers me as I beg him to take his offering.

“That’s what I wanted to hear, baby!” And he enters me making me scream…”cum nooooow!” he yells as he fucks his offering happily and increases the speed to its highest on the vibrator in his pussy. I begin to shake violently as I cum and squirt for him.

“Fuuuuuuuck, yeeeeees!” He screams as he fucks his thick release in his asshole and I gyrate wildly from the pleasure he has just taken from me.

His cock exits me with a pop and he pulls the vibrator out at the same time making me cum again.

“Mmmm,” he says as he starts to get himself together to go back to work. “You’re a wonderful wife that Jim has given us. Keep our pussy wet.”

“Yeeeeees, my love! “

Smiling as he smacks his ass he says, “Your husbands ARE happy to come home to you.”

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