Rising Heights

I want to feel hornier than I can ever dream.

I know that I feel things and it’s hard to let them out.

It’s been 3 years since anyone’s touched me.

I have someone I send nudes to and je had taken pride in showing them off…

Because he’s my Master and wants to be happy with me being his spot slut… for him, Sir Derek and Sir Rick.

My servitude hasn’t ended and he enjoys the bounds he has over me… even from another state.

He’s had me video chat and put my on display. I was not permitted know or see my virtues viewers because their reactions/responses were simply for my Master’s pleasures.

I’ve been secretly signed displayed more than I could ever imagine. Nipples hard and throbbing. Pussy pink and wet, so moist… for I do not know the true count of all I’ve made bust a nut in the privacy of their own homes.

Master gladly brags how how he is at their reactions and that’s I will send him more pictures today of his slut.


I’m wondering if I’ll ever be myself,

Not the vanilla society gal.

I am doing my best to stay afloat,

I try not to wish for too much.

Let things take their course,

Don’t rush to be with more assholes.

I’m tired of not being taken seriously,

Instead I watch others and get jealous.

I rushed before and got nowhere,

Almost four years of celibacy, though.

I miss being touched, tasted, and fucked,

Yet, where I live now, I can’t masturbate.

I’m sexually frustrated and annoyed,

Eventually, I’ll be someone’s submissive.


I think of the things that will be required and commanded of me.

I get aroused when I think of what you’d want.

I thunk of the smile you’ll have,

Knowing you’ll show off your slave.

What’s more exciting is that I’ll have no control,

Because everything about me sexually, you’ll own.

I will be your prized possession,

They will love your lending me out for their sexual pleasure.

I will do all that you want,

Showing them that I’m your slut.


Here I am horny as hell,

I have no-one to make me cum.

Can’t masturbate, not like I want.

I am wet and throbbing inside,

Eager to please and be your slut.

Tie me up, put me on sexual display,

At the mercy of you and your guests.

They won’t stop until you say,

For your pleasure they will enjoy me,

Your pussy spread, showing my wetnes.

I will squirt, squirm and scream,

They will admire you for training me.

They will enjoy the pink nipples you own,

Their lips & hands will keep them engorged.

Multiple mouths will eat your pussy,

You spread me open & watch their feasting.

I will not be in control of any of it,

Because I am yours, your slut.

You will be pleased with my service,

You will give them pics for their enjoyment.

I will have no choice, but to comply,

They will be your secret fan club.

They shall know EVERYTHING about me,

No secrets shall be held sexually.

Women and men will enjoy me greatly,

For you have trained me to be pleasing.

She Waxed Me with Assistance

I stripped my bottoms off just for her, I thought,

I got on the table, spread my legs and showed her my crotch.

Her fingers tickled the stubble I had there from shaving,

Without warning, she spread my pussy and began staring.

I tried to close my legs from slight embarrassment,

She yelled something in her native tongue asking for assistance.

In walked another and they conversed quickly,

Then her hands firmly held my thighs open.

The first one spread the hot wax on my nether lips,

The second one smiled as she saw my pussy become wet.

The first one spread my skin taut,

The second one encouraged me to cum in her language.

I couldn’t stop the scream as the wax being pulled made me cum,

I didn’t try to stop it as she continued to pull the strips off.

They watched my pussy twitch and become really wet,

My intentions were only to go there to get waxed.

The first one kept smiling as she watched my thighs being held open,

The second one loving the show of my waxing application.

Each time the wax touched my skin,

A little more of my cum oozed out for them.

They told me to turn over now that my pussy was hairless,

They switched and the first held me while the second waxed my spread ass.

Her finger accidentally slipped to touch my moist clit,

I should’ve stopped them, but they were making me so fucking wet.

Finally when my session was over,

In perfect English they asked,

Which one of us made you cum better?

Like Being Good?

I like being, but in a different way.

It is what it is,

I’m wired differently than you.

Anyone, actually.

The late nights with the wildness,

It consumes me?

You, too?

I make you hot?

Like lava,

Like the one erupting from our crotches.

It’s forbidden?

Nah, never!

They like vanilla,

I love strawberries.

Mmmmm, yeeeeees give it to me.

I’ll crawl and beg,

For more because,

It’s fucking hot what you did,

Making me this way.

Nope, I’m not good

I’m fucking bad.

Here’s another eruption,

Shaky, turbulent, and now

The world is dark.

Pubis Flower

Smoothly clean from being waxed,

Inviting the sensation of your touch.

Your fingers part my dewy softness,

Your eyes feasting on its shiny pinkness.

I don’t move… I’m under your control,

Spreading me wide, mmm show.

I’m blindfolded not sure who’s there,

Only they see your smile as they stare.

You nod your head for them to come closer,

I moan as they fuck me with their fingers.

Faster they go as you hold me in place,

They lean in eager for a taste.

I am bound and under your control,

Showing them it is you to whom I cum for.

They feast on me as if it’s a drought,

I cum and it’s your name I shout!

The Obvious

Everyone’s eyes are geared toward my tits,

my nipples are fucking hard as rocks.

I don’t wear bras anymore,

if my high beams are on… let them stare.

They actually love the attention,

knowing that others may want to suck them.

Two at a time I know they want to,

maybe they’ll pinch them making it harder.

Showing off their pink plumpness,

It’ll be hard to hide the obvious…

I Wish…

Water cascading down and between my breasts.

slivers of bubbly soap ribboning down over my


down toward my throbbing pussy.

Nipples poking out,

almost scraping against the tile.

I touch myself and try not to moan

out loud.

I want to cum,

but it’ll echo and tell everyone

what I’m doing.

I won’t be able to enjoy myself

like I want.

It’s not their business.

I want to be loved, rubbed,

fucked and came on.

I want to taste my phantom,

the one making me so wet that I scream.

I want to make them cum;

toes curling, eyes rolled back,

their fingers digging in my skin.

I want to have them claim me;

claim what’s theirs.

I don’t care who thinks they know us.

I want to have them taste me,

take what they’ve created inside of me.

Imagining them making me


Not being able to contain my


Why is it so


I want to feel the pressure

my release.

My fingers dig

deeply inside,

I ride.

I can’t contain the moan anymore.

I try to scream within myself

My back against the

cold wet wall.

I let go and don’t care

who hears.

Loudly I get off and

cum to thoughts of you.

My Dream

Last night he came to me in my dream,

Cock hard, throbbing and distended for me.

He caught me sleeping so deeply,

Unaware of his deep intense ogling.

Before his eyes I am naked and not aroused,

Oblivious of him removing my gown.

He tenderly noticed everything about me,

The way I slept with my lips parted slightly,

Took in the dimple on my chin,

My nipples were peaked and pink,

Gently touched one; it rose for his affection,

Loving the width of my hips made for him,

Knowing the depth to go; shiiiiiit I’d scream,

My clit is borne for his pleasure,

Touching it will definitely make me wet,

His tongue stroking in circles & licking it,

I moan so softly; it’s music to his ears,

I’m still sleeping but my body’s awake,

The head of his cock makes its entrance,

Ever so slowly does he enter his house,

Making it drip then pour all over his cock,

I begin to open my eyes,

He’s awaken me by making me cum!

Now the dream is over and I’m fully awake, omg! The thought of what his cock had done to me .