Open Availablity

Is it just me that thinks of; at times, being sexually engaged by a stranger? Maybe one day being on the crowded train and my tits are almost in front of someone due to the crowded train and they begin to fondle my tits while I hold onto the rail for balance. Especially if I am in the corner and no-one can see the stranger cupping my tits with their hands shoved up my shirt. Sliding their hands under my bra to feel the stiffness of my nipples against their probing and pinching fingers. I don’t think I would even stop them as I stand there helpless. The back and forth motion of the moving train would propel me toward them and I would feel them lift my shirt out of view of others and begin to suck on my throbbing nipple.

I at times get wet on my daily commute thinking about it. One of their fingers would be probing my wet pussy at the same time as their mouth continued to suck hard on my nipple and I would stand there trying not to make a sound as this stranger enjoyed taking from me what they wanted, and without warning would abruptly stop and exit the train as they probably reached their stop. I would try to modestly adjust my shirt and try to stop my pussy for cumming from the experience that I just endured.

This is just a fantasy that has plagued my mind at times because I am that freaky, I guess. If it were to really happen to me, I might just try to kick the person’s ass and call the police from embarrassment, who knows.

I am sharing these thoughts with you because I am not ashamed to admit my thoughts with you. Sex is constantly on my mind.

Jack Frost and the Neighbor Lick My Pussy (Part 1)

It’s 35° outside and I’m going out in a skirt without panties. Knowing that my pussy is trained by my Master to stay wet.

He hands me the skirt, it stops just a little past my thighs. Smiling as he tells me how he wants to see my face as Jack Frost licks the pussy owned by my Master.

This, of course, means no bra as well, but he only wants my body to shiver via the combination of my hot pussy with the cold open air.

Master opens the balcony door and calls to the attention of our new neighbor. Master wants this show to be for him. I’ve never met him personally, but Master says he sees how the neighbor ogles and lusts after me.

Master leads me out onto the balcony the neighbor steps onto his as well. This is the way Master chooses to introduce me to him.

“Open your legs, my slut,” Master says to show the neighbor my obedience.

“Yes, Master,” and without hesitation, I spread my legs shoulder-width apart. Shivering as Jack Frost takes his first true licks of my Master’s dripping pussy. Looking at the bulge in the neighbor’s pants, I know he’s happy to see my compliance.

Smiling, Master lifts up my skirt to show this stranger that I’m not wearing panties and Master knows I’m getting wetter at being on display the way he chooses.

“Beautiful isn’t she?” Master asks as he spreads me, giving both Jack Frost better access to lick me and a better visual for the neighbor.

The neighbor nods, speechless as I automatically put my hands behind my back showing that Master is in control of me. The cold on my wetness in between my legs; on Master’s pussy, has me shivering.

“Come over and see how pretty my pussy is,” Master stands behind me as the neighbor jumps from his side of our connecting balcony.

Without further invitation, the man kneels before me as Master enjoys my being on display. The stranger’s fingers rub me along with Jack Frost’s licks.

I begin to whimper, Master knows I’ll soon ask to cum. Before I can form the question, he informs me not to until the neighbor gets to feast on my pussy with Jack Frost.

“Would you like to eat this sw–,” the man’s tongue starts to lick me before Master could finish asking.

The combination of this man’s hot, wet, and firm tongue and Jack Frost’s cold one me at the same time makes me gyrate against the man’s face.

I didn’t mean to, but I started cumming before I could ask permission.

Master heard my scream as he watched the neighbor clamp his mouth on me like it was vacuum sealed to it and Master held the man’s face against me.

“Oh, slut you will be punished!” Master roared loud enough for the other neighbors to hear. “I’m glad to see you’ve enjoyed both Jack Frost and the neighbor licking my pussy, all for my pleasure.”

(Part 2 will be posted soon)…

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Pubis Flower

Smoothly clean from being waxed,

Inviting the sensation of your touch.

Your fingers part my dewy softness,

Your eyes feasting on its shiny pinkness.

I don’t move… I’m under your control,

Spreading me wide, mmm show.

I’m blindfolded not sure who’s there,

Only they see your smile as they stare.

You nod your head for them to come closer,

I moan as they fuck me with their fingers.

Faster they go as you hold me in place,

They lean in eager for a taste.

I am bound and under your control,

Showing them it is you to whom I cum for.

They feast on me as if it’s a drought,

I cum and it’s your name I shout!

My Desire

I want to be owned. Yes, to hear those words from my Master(s). Wanting to be flaunted for their sexual desires and purposes.

There were a couple of times I was led to believe I was owned… turned out to be a hoax. I want to be submissive, but only to the one(s) that deserve my love and trust to do so.

I fantasize about this type of bond. It’s contradicting I know. To want love, affection, and desire, yet to also be their personal slut at times.

I want my poly-lifestyle because I enjoy both sexes. I can’t choose just one.

I think about things I want done to me sexually and it drives me wild! Things that would please my Master(s).

Ohhhhh, how much that has become my desire.


She pretends that she’s happy being alone; especially each night and Valentine’s Day. Instead, she puts on a show and smiles in front of others. Ultimately making herself “content” with enjoying her plethora of vibrators.

Tonight it’s no different.

She closes her eyes as she lies nude across her bed, spreading her legs wide as she imagines having two lovers; male and female, touching her peaked pink nipples and bare moist pussy. However, in reality it’s just her touching herself longing for her thoughts to be true, her vibrator presses against her outer thigh waiting for its moment to bring her explosive pleasure.

Cupping one of her firm breasts she brings it to her parted lips, closing her hungry lips over her throbbing nipple and suckling on it making it grow against her thrashing tongue. She lets a moan vibrate across it as her other finger fondles her clit.

In her mind her female lover is feasting on her spread pussy as her male lover languishes in her oversized nipple. The thought of being enjoyed by both makes her wetter, arching her back as she craves the attention and pleasure she’s receiving. Her breaths become quicker, not as quick as the sensations her body is feeling.

Squish, squish, squish she can hear her pussy echoing throughout the room as her fingers fuck her pussy in tune to a jackhammer.

The sensation of her first orgasm is rising!

She should stop, but damn how good this feels as she thinks of her fictitious lovers taking control of her sexually.

Her breath catches as she lets a scream while her pussy explodes like a geyser all over her hand and bed. Her hips now are moving to fuck her hand instead of the other way around. She watches as the watery substance emits itself from between her legs while she starts shaking as if there’s an earthquake inside of her.

Not wanting the sensation to stop, she immediately reaches for her 10¹/² inch vibrator, powering it to a fast, hard pulse. With no hesitation she plunges it into her throbbing pussy and immediately starts gushing again. Mentally she’s thinking of her male lover driving himself deep within her, claiming her with his cock.

The tears begin to flow from her eyes as she imagines the female lover licking and sucking on her clit as the man continues fucking her. They both would pinch each of her nipples at the same time they claimed their ownership of her pussy.

The climax that followed was so strong, she passed out… thoughts of her fictitious lovers continued to play in her unconscious mind.

Photo credit of Pornhub (not sure for which video…took screenshot a while ago).

The Obvious

Everyone’s eyes are geared toward my tits,

my nipples are fucking hard as rocks.

I don’t wear bras anymore,

if my high beams are on… let them stare.

They actually love the attention,

knowing that others may want to suck them.

Two at a time I know they want to,

maybe they’ll pinch them making it harder.

Showing off their pink plumpness,

It’ll be hard to hide the obvious…

Head Games

Walking in I see you naked lying on your stomach on the bed, one knee slightly bent giving me the lively view of the roundness of your ass, the heavy sag of your balls and the head if your cock staring at me. I don’t waver my eyes from what’s between your legs as I soak the tips of my index finger and thumb with my saliva.

Reaching the side of the bed I kneel down so that my I can watch as my soaked fingers gently make circles on the head of your cock.

You breathe in a deep breath and your cock starts to swell, the head becomes more visible as your shaft slides against the sheet, a pearl of pre-cum beads against my slow twirling fingers.

I stop and bring my fingers toward my mouth as the tip my tongue meets my fingers and I taste your tangy sweet stickiness.

You’re still knocked out.

I lean in and sloooowly lick your balls, feeling their round heaviness and few sparse hairs on them against my searching tongue. Your cock grazes my chin and it’s stiffness and size amazes me. I move my tongue over it loving the smoothness against my tongue and move in to enclose my lips over the length of you that I’m able to have in this position.

The sounds of moans as you sleep are trapped in the pillow. I smile, happy that you’re feeling pleasure in your sleep from what I’m doing to you. I intensify the movement and grip my mouth has on your swollen cock and you begin to gyrate your hips.


Over and over again you release as your moans come quicker, longer, and louder.

My hands are in the inside of your thighs, trying to spread your legs wider as my face goes down deeper into the bed, filling my mouth with more of you.

You wake up, looking down at me as I pleasure you. Your cock becoming harder.

You place your hand on my head holding my head on your cock as you flip around on your back and your cock stands at full attention. My throat adjusts as I take your cock deeper in my mouth. Gobs of spit oozes from enclosed lips down your cock and over your balls.

I use one of my hands to jerk your cock off in the same rhythm as my mouth is sliding up and down your shaft.

My head goes all the way down, my nose buried against your pubic bone as I stay there for a moment before I start to gag. I do this a few times I’d off and on, making you you moan, groan, squirm and finally cum all the wall in the back of my throat and I make so happy as you see I gladly swallowed every drop…

I Wish…

Water cascading down and between my breasts.

slivers of bubbly soap ribboning down over my


down toward my throbbing pussy.

Nipples poking out,

almost scraping against the tile.

I touch myself and try not to moan

out loud.

I want to cum,

but it’ll echo and tell everyone

what I’m doing.

I won’t be able to enjoy myself

like I want.

It’s not their business.

I want to be loved, rubbed,

fucked and came on.

I want to taste my phantom,

the one making me so wet that I scream.

I want to make them cum;

toes curling, eyes rolled back,

their fingers digging in my skin.

I want to have them claim me;

claim what’s theirs.

I don’t care who thinks they know us.

I want to have them taste me,

take what they’ve created inside of me.

Imagining them making me


Not being able to contain my


Why is it so


I want to feel the pressure

my release.

My fingers dig

deeply inside,

I ride.

I can’t contain the moan anymore.

I try to scream within myself

My back against the

cold wet wall.

I let go and don’t care

who hears.

Loudly I get off and

cum to thoughts of you.