She Waxed Me with Assistance

I stripped my bottoms off just for her, I thought,

I got on the table, spread my legs and showed her my crotch.

Her fingers tickled the stubble I had there from shaving,

Without warning, she spread my pussy and began staring.

I tried to close my legs from slight embarrassment,

She yelled something in her native tongue asking for assistance.

In walked another and they conversed quickly,

Then her hands firmly held my thighs open.

The first one spread the hot wax on my nether lips,

The second one smiled as she saw my pussy become wet.

The first one spread my skin taut,

The second one encouraged me to cum in her language.

I couldn’t stop the scream as the wax being pulled made me cum,

I didn’t try to stop it as she continued to pull the strips off.

They watched my pussy twitch and become really wet,

My intentions were only to go there to get waxed.

The first one kept smiling as she watched my thighs being held open,

The second one loving the show of my waxing application.

Each time the wax touched my skin,

A little more of my cum oozed out for them.

They told me to turn over now that my pussy was hairless,

They switched and the first held me while the second waxed my spread ass.

Her finger accidentally slipped to touch my moist clit,

I should’ve stopped them, but they were making me so fucking wet.

Finally when my session was over,

In perfect English they asked,

Which one of us made you cum better?

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