She pretends that she’s happy being alone; especially each night and Valentine’s Day. Instead, she puts on a show and smiles in front of others. Ultimately making herself “content” with enjoying her plethora of vibrators.

Tonight it’s no different.

She closes her eyes as she lies nude across her bed, spreading her legs wide as she imagines having two lovers; male and female, touching her peaked pink nipples and bare moist pussy. However, in reality it’s just her touching herself longing for her thoughts to be true, her vibrator presses against her outer thigh waiting for its moment to bring her explosive pleasure.

Cupping one of her firm breasts she brings it to her parted lips, closing her hungry lips over her throbbing nipple and suckling on it making it grow against her thrashing tongue. She lets a moan vibrate across it as her other finger fondles her clit.

In her mind her female lover is feasting on her spread pussy as her male lover languishes in her oversized nipple. The thought of being enjoyed by both makes her wetter, arching her back as she craves the attention and pleasure she’s receiving. Her breaths become quicker, not as quick as the sensations her body is feeling.

Squish, squish, squish she can hear her pussy echoing throughout the room as her fingers fuck her pussy in tune to a jackhammer.

The sensation of her first orgasm is rising!

She should stop, but damn how good this feels as she thinks of her fictitious lovers taking control of her sexually.

Her breath catches as she lets a scream while her pussy explodes like a geyser all over her hand and bed. Her hips now are moving to fuck her hand instead of the other way around. She watches as the watery substance emits itself from between her legs while she starts shaking as if there’s an earthquake inside of her.

Not wanting the sensation to stop, she immediately reaches for her 10¹/² inch vibrator, powering it to a fast, hard pulse. With no hesitation she plunges it into her throbbing pussy and immediately starts gushing again. Mentally she’s thinking of her male lover driving himself deep within her, claiming her with his cock.

The tears begin to flow from her eyes as she imagines the female lover licking and sucking on her clit as the man continues fucking her. They both would pinch each of her nipples at the same time they claimed their ownership of her pussy.

The climax that followed was so strong, she passed out… thoughts of her fictitious lovers continued to play in her unconscious mind.

Photo credit of Pornhub (not sure for which video…took screenshot a while ago).

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