I Wish…

Water cascading down and between my breasts.

slivers of bubbly soap ribboning down over my


down toward my throbbing pussy.

Nipples poking out,

almost scraping against the tile.

I touch myself and try not to moan

out loud.

I want to cum,

but it’ll echo and tell everyone

what I’m doing.

I won’t be able to enjoy myself

like I want.

It’s not their business.

I want to be loved, rubbed,

fucked and came on.

I want to taste my phantom,

the one making me so wet that I scream.

I want to make them cum;

toes curling, eyes rolled back,

their fingers digging in my skin.

I want to have them claim me;

claim what’s theirs.

I don’t care who thinks they know us.

I want to have them taste me,

take what they’ve created inside of me.

Imagining them making me


Not being able to contain my


Why is it so


I want to feel the pressure

my release.

My fingers dig

deeply inside,

I ride.

I can’t contain the moan anymore.

I try to scream within myself

My back against the

cold wet wall.

I let go and don’t care

who hears.

Loudly I get off and

cum to thoughts of you.

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