Head Games

Walking in I see you naked lying on your stomach on the bed, one knee slightly bent giving me the lively view of the roundness of your ass, the heavy sag of your balls and the head if your cock staring at me. I don’t waver my eyes from what’s between your legs as I soak the tips of my index finger and thumb with my saliva.

Reaching the side of the bed I kneel down so that my I can watch as my soaked fingers gently make circles on the head of your cock.

You breathe in a deep breath and your cock starts to swell, the head becomes more visible as your shaft slides against the sheet, a pearl of pre-cum beads against my slow twirling fingers.

I stop and bring my fingers toward my mouth as the tip my tongue meets my fingers and I taste your tangy sweet stickiness.

You’re still knocked out.

I lean in and sloooowly lick your balls, feeling their round heaviness and few sparse hairs on them against my searching tongue. Your cock grazes my chin and it’s stiffness and size amazes me. I move my tongue over it loving the smoothness against my tongue and move in to enclose my lips over the length of you that I’m able to have in this position.

The sounds of moans as you sleep are trapped in the pillow. I smile, happy that you’re feeling pleasure in your sleep from what I’m doing to you. I intensify the movement and grip my mouth has on your swollen cock and you begin to gyrate your hips.


Over and over again you release as your moans come quicker, longer, and louder.

My hands are in the inside of your thighs, trying to spread your legs wider as my face goes down deeper into the bed, filling my mouth with more of you.

You wake up, looking down at me as I pleasure you. Your cock becoming harder.

You place your hand on my head holding my head on your cock as you flip around on your back and your cock stands at full attention. My throat adjusts as I take your cock deeper in my mouth. Gobs of spit oozes from enclosed lips down your cock and over your balls.

I use one of my hands to jerk your cock off in the same rhythm as my mouth is sliding up and down your shaft.

My head goes all the way down, my nose buried against your pubic bone as I stay there for a moment before I start to gag. I do this a few times I’d off and on, making you you moan, groan, squirm and finally cum all the wall in the back of my throat and I make so happy as you see I gladly swallowed every drop…

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