Riding Mora Good

It’s a typical late spring day for Mora as she dressed in her red spaghetti strap dress; highlighting her braless puckered cherry-sized nipples and clinging to her pantiless firm curvaceous ass, and the fabric rubbing against her smooth waxed pussy. She draped her flaming red cape over her shoulders and slid into her matte red flat shoes.

Dark Riding Hood

Latched in the crook of her elbow she toted a wicker basket filled with fruit for her granny. Mora always walked through the woods to see her grandmother who decided to remain living in the woods. Mora’s parents relocated her to city life when she was younger. Even after her parents’ demise a few years ago, Mora still enjoyed the excitement of city life, even though Mora is well in her mid-twenties she still wishes to live in the city. However, on weekends she still visits her loving grandmother.

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The Scary Forest photographic print by Phillipe Manguin

Growing up Mora always heard the fables; so she thought, about how haunted the forest was and that she should never walk through it alone. Any other time, Mora walked through them with her cousin, Marcia. Today her cousin had something to do and Mora figured she’d do it alone. After all, nothing has ever happened. Five minutes into thicket of the woods, Mora began to feel as if she were being watched or followed. She began to continually look over her shoulder, stopping at one point once there was a clearing to give a thorough once over before she figured she’d continue her journey.

Once she was satisfied there wasn’t anyone else around she began to continue her trek.

The woods had other plans for Mora.

Coming upon a tree encased in vines, she never noticed a lone yellow flower on it before, she stretched out her hand to pluck it, thinking of putting it in the basket for Granny. Before she made contact with the flower, a vine began to wrap itself around her wrist. Immediately Mora reached to break the vine free with her other hand and that wrist was seized by a vine that came from across her back; rapidly spinning her around so that she was facing where she had just come from.

Frantically she started screaming, hoping beyond hope that someone would actually come by.

Mora watched as another vine slithered its way toward her as another climbs its way down the tree, both angling toward the front of her dress. Simultaneously, the vines rip the front of her dress open. Two more vines wrap around her ankles and spread her legs open. Against all of her efforts, she couldn’t close her legs.

To add further spiked actions, there’s a voice whispering from within the woods,

You are finally ours!

She looks around and there is no true form as to where the voice could be coming from.

A laugh that echos through the forest, too chilling to have come from any human.

The forest has you now, Mora. You will belong to the forest.

A cold wet leaf whisps across a distended nipple, licking it as her breasts heaves up and down with her ragged breaths. Another leaf mimics the same action against her other nipple as a few wet leaves lick the fully exposed pussy. Mora realizes that she’s visibly exposed in the open if anyone should walk into the forest at that moment and what they would see.

Against her volition, she realized she was starting to get aroused and tried not to give in to the sensations she was feeling. The vines began to slowly pull her on the ground, never allowing her to break from the spread-eagle position they had her in, now full-fledged on the ground.

Spread Eagle Bondage photo credit xHamster.

The leaves continue to lick her peaked pink nipples and her wet spread pink pussy. The moans escaping from between Mora’s lips are now echoed through the forest back into her own ears.

Mora’s eyes widen as she watched more vines remove a ripe, yet firm banana from the fallen wicker basket and peel it. The banana is gently thrust between her beautiful nether lips as they grasp the fruit being slid inside of her. In her mind, she tries not to enjoy the sensation of being pierced by the phallic shape, but she finds that she is gently lifting her hips toward it as it is pushed inside of her. Secretly hoping that it doesn’t break inside of her.

Around her, a pack of wolves gathers around to watch as the vines possess Mora’s body sexually. The wolves tongues, hanging out the side of their mouths, saliva dripping heavily from their mouths.

Your pheromones are strong and they smelled you throughout the forest.

The voice comes from within the forest to Mora. She tries to break free from her bindings and the sexual actions performed on her, but she was unsuccessful.

Don’t worry, they will not have you. But someone else will…

Mora was so engrossed in what was being done to her, she didn’t see the male forest ranger standing from within the shadow of the tree to her right. His cock freed from his pants, stroking his throbbing member as he watched the vines and leaves work their magic on her. Mora’s eyes locked with the ranger’s and he stepped from behind the tree, unabashedly as her eyes took in the full view of his massive cock, bobbing as he started walking toward her; ridding himself of his clothes with each step.

The vines grip starts to slowly loosen with each step of the ranger, but never freely letting her go. The vine that was fucking Morea with the banana let go of the banana completely; leaving it lodged in Mora’s pussy for the ranger to eat from her pussy. The ranger got down on his hands and knees and ate the banana from her wet pussy as if it were his last meal covered with all of Mora’s cum. The leaves licking her nipples quickening up their pace, making Mora arch her back and screams while she cums just as the ranger’s tongue makes contact with her clit.

The forest laughs! The wolves howl as the true alpha male eats Mora’s pussy. While Mora’s pussy continues to twitch, the ranger thrusts his thick and lengthy cock inside of Mora and rides her the way he knew she should be ridden.

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