Chain of Milk

I didn’t know I had such power over the women I worked for. They were blinded by my beauty and definitely my sex. 

Working for the office I worked for I found my work to be dull, repetitive and boring. I worked for her employer for the past three years and went to work being the obedient employee that didn’t make noise or static over the typical office politics, gossip, and the lazy employees that passed their work off to others to do for them.

The annual office evaluations were approaching, I knew I would be up for yet another raise, but this year I was up for a promotion. I felt I deserved this promotion since I never called out or half-assed my job assignments; unlike my coworkers, who were ass-kissers. To everyone, I am the bitch that would be the “yes” girl. What they didn’t know is that deep down I despise this fucking company. I love what I do, I just don’t love the company, the bosses, or co-workers. However, I have other plans. I’ll get promoted and move on to another company for the same job title that pays more. As far as I’m concerned no one knew that I already started inquiring with other companies.

I started visualizing the day I would part ways with this current place of employment and walk into work with a great big smile on my face. The day finally came for my evaluation. This was going to be a day I knew I’d be able to plan my departure in a few weeks. At least I thought so.

I have summoned to my boss’ office and as I entered saw both of my shift supervisors and the company owner sitting at an oval table. They each had a glass of wine in their hand while one sat on the glass top, which was meant for me to sit in front of. There was no cause for alarm since they generally had some type of alcohol at these evaluations; that was the customary way they did it at this company. I believed the purpose was to trick the employee to loosen them up enough to let loose lips fly about themselves to sink their own progress.

I without hesitation or lack of confidence; because I knew enough not to fall for their plan, sat down and joined the women at the table. I was not expecting what would ensue in the next few moments.

So, I got an interesting call from my cousin who owns the Phillips Corporation,” my morning area supervisor mentioned and I almost choked on the wine.

For the first time, I stammered at the table as they all looked admonishingly at me.

“Mora, we thought you’d have a promising future with us,” the CEO said with disdain in her voice. “I held you to high esteem with your great productivity.”

I began to feel like the wine was sand I was swallowing, yet I needed something to do to avoid answering or looking at them. Despite how dry my mouth felt, I continued to drink from my glass.

I didn’t know that I was drugged until my vision began to become blurry and I couldn’t form the words to ask what was happening to me.

Pulling my hair, making my head tilt back as the CEO looked down at me, “You’ll never leave this company. We own you Mora.”

She began kissing me and I wanted to say stop but found myself opening my mouth ready for her kiss. I found myself responding to her kiss with my own. As she removed her mouth the pm area supervisor clamped her lips upon mine, as I watched my am area supervisor refill my glass as she filled her mouth with the wine that they spiked with the aphrodisiac that has me in a wanton state. When my mouth was freed up, she filled my mouth with the wine she had in her mouth forcing me to swallow it before her tongue drove deeply into my mouth.

My body became warm as my hands started stroking each of them. In my mind, I thought I was pushing them away, however, I was finding the mounds of their breasts. The hardness of their nipples scraped against the palms of my hands. I have never touched another woman’s breasts before.

I heard laughing in my ears, “I see the wine is working perfectly on you.

It was as if it were a whisper in my ear and I began to get more aroused with the words. I didn’t realize a moan escaped my lips until they all laughed at me succumbing to them. No one told me to do anything and yet I was willing to explore them.

So deep into what I was doing, I didn’t realize that my shirt and bra were opened until they pulled them from my shoulders. Instantly my instinct kicked in that I should be covering my breasts and my wrists were held as the CEO began sucking on my perky pink nipples and I arched my back, giving my full breasts to her. Both supervisors cupped my breasts; feeding them to the big boss, as her mouth moved from one to the other what seemed like forever. I could feel my pussy begin to tingle. Without any reserve, I spread my legs.

What was I doing? I couldn’t stop myself.

Without missing a beat my supervisors released my wrists and while still feeding my breasts to the boss, with their free hand pulled my panties down and spread my legs wider. I didn’t stop them, nor did I think that I wanted to.

The CEO started fingering my wet pussy, making me wetter than I thought I could ever be. I knew the fabric on the chair beneath me began to get wet because I could feel my wetness slipping between my ass cheeks.

“This is by far the best evaluation session we’ve ever had. You need to see just how great your assets are to us Mora,” the CEO said as she trailed her face toward my exposed pussy. Leaving my wet, throbbing nipples exposed for my supervisors to start sucking on. I tried to stifle the moan that escaped my lips as the three of their mouth were on me. The CEO spread my pussy as her tongue slid deeper inside of me

I was not restrained, yet I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to move away from what they were doing to me. I wasn’t worried that anyone would walk in since everyone knew that these meetings could take a while and were never to be interrupted. I am quite sure though that my moans were carrying through the door.

The more I tried to find logic into stopping what was happening, the more I became aroused.

I was suddenly pulled upright from the chair to stand and I looked down at my bosses as they lapped at my wet pussy and realized that I was actually the boss of them. They fed off of my dripping wet pussy as if I were a fountain they were drinking from. I didn’t feel ashamed about being in this position from them spiking my drink.

I am doing my best to not scream and I ride their faces as they reach up to squeeze my aching nipples and am not ashamed at being their best flowing evaluation.

I begin to see myself held in high esteem at these meetings and know that I cannot change my outlook, I have to stay with this company.

I own these women, I am now in control.

*photo credit to Pornhub. (not sure where I got this shot from, had it for a while)


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