Employee’s Bonus

I fell asleep after the lovely sex round we had in your bed. So exhausted was I that I didn’t feel or hear you handcuffing my hands to the headboard or feel you spreading my legs extremely wide attaching them to the rope bound to the night stand on each side of your bed. You gently place the blindfold over my eyes and to ensure I can’t see anything place an eye mask over it. You don’t want to hear my protests and place a gag over my mouth.

Three of your female employees are anxiously sitting in your living room waiting for you to escort them into the bedroom to enjoy me sexually as their bonus. Something unbeknownst to me that you invited them two days ago to explore and ravish me sexually as you watched.

I didn’t know that you told them that I’d be at their mercy as I’d be bound and blindfolded to your bed for their enjoyment. The only thing you didn’t want them to do was make a sound or speak to me. Your purpose being that you’d love for me not to know who they were so that I’d be at a great disadvantage as I mingled with all your employees at the company picnic this weekend. Knowing that it could be anyone of them smiling and laughing in my face. You told them that for the picnic you’d have me not wearing bra and panties. You’d be proud knowing my nipples would be rock hard having everyone noticing them and you’d know my pussy would be beyond wet, knowing that I’d be amongst the women you gave the pleasure of feasting on and fucking my pussy.

For the time being I am presently knocked out and naked with my legs spread as you gather these women to stand at the foot of your bed, staring at my Brazilian waxed pussy as you spread it open for their eyes to enjoy the view.

You allow them to see the glistening pinkness of the pussy you just enjoyed a few moments before as they listened to my moans from beyond the bedroom walls. Each of them envisioning what I will look and taste like naked under their exploits.

Their eyes have also noticed my perky pink nipples, which you hope to see become riper under the effects of both being enjoyed at the same time by their mouths.

You now come up with the idea to put my earpods in my ears and play music because you’ll want to hear their praises over being able to enjoy my body, while I won’t be able to hear or remember their voices. You smile at the thought that you also want to tell them what to do to me.

Releasing my pussy, you give them the “shhhhh” signal as you gently place the pods in my ears. Pointing at two ladies you direct toward my tits, but signal for them to wait as you look at the woman still centered between my legs.

You love the vision and quickly take the first of many pictures that you’ll take on your phone, which you’ll later send to each of them and will also create screensavers for their office desktops. Something you’d love all your employees to see; me naked, bound, and pleasured by women I have no idea of their identities.

Nodding your head they each start fondling me and I start to stir, orginally thinking it’s you but realizing there are three different touches and try to move away, see who’s touching me and tell them to stop, but I can’t because you’ve made sure I couldn’t.

I’m not sure of where you are as their hands become more intrusive.

You start playing music in my ears, not extremely loud, but I can’t hear you telling the ladies you want them to enjoy everything about me sexually.

I don’t hear you ask if they like what they’re doing so far, nor hear their replies of yes.

Suck on those lovely nipples,” you say as you spread my pussy again and tell the woman there, “lick her clit like you’re a cat lapping up milk.”

The mouths that clamp down on my nipples suck hard and fast; as if they’re greedy to enjoy my nipples that I now feel stiffening against their tongues. The tongue licking my clit has long swift strokes and I try to thrash to move away from all of their mouths, but I’m held still. My hips are held down by you as you keep me in place to allow her to feast upon my now throbbing and tingling pussy.

She tastes my nectar as it fills my pussy.

I can’t hear her tell you that she feels and tastes me getting wet against her tongue. You look at the ones at my tits and ask how they love my nipples. They release the grip their mouths had on them with a pop and as they reply, you see how plump my pink nipples become, telling them that they’ve never been that size before.

More pics you take from different angles, glad to see how aroused I’ve become. Knowing that you’ll eventually have all 30 of your employees enjoying me sexually as you watch and they all have me in my sexual helplessness displayed on their desktop screensavers; something that I’ll never know about.

The women enjoying my nipples have begun flicking them as you watch my engorged nipples move back and forth rapidly against their fingers. The woman attending to my pussy starts flicking my throbbing wet pink clit.

There are no more moans if protest, but of unabashed pleasure as you now just focus on watching them enjoy me and you continue taking pictures.

Now I want the three of you to eat her pussy at the same time!” You are thrilled at that since I’ve never had two mouths there at the same time.

I feel the women release my nipples, thinking that my attack is finally over. I never expected to feel them join the other at my pussy. You’ve definitely made sure there was more than enough room for them to have their tongues battling for the best position to make me scream and cum.

The feeling of three tongues on and in my pussy makes me buck and gyrate my hips against my own volition. At first you tell them to hold my hips still, their feasting on my pussy is for their pleasure. All three place a vice grip on my hips as their mouths lick and suck on my pussy and clit. Their free hands thrusting their fingers inside at the same time, then taking turns to finger fuck me.

You’re enjoying the show, my gag is drenched from my spit as I continue to scream and moan against it. The cuffs showing proof of my bucking and writhing against their work. My nipples still exceedingly plump from being sucked, licked, nibbled on and flicked. You stand above the three women as they feast on my dripping wet pussy as if they were pups.

You want to capture the pure essence of this and start videoing it. The light from the recorder shining brightly as it captures each tongue trying to lick every drop from my throbbing pussy. Switching from camera mode to video recorder in slow motion so that it’s truly appreciated.

My moans and screams become louder and you tell them to release my hips.

I start fucking each of their faces as if they owned my pussy. My hips took on a life of their own as I started cumming and squirting. They never moved their faces as I splashed all over them. They drank from my exploding pussy.

I’ve never squirted before and you became a little jealous, throwing the phone down so that you may partake in their enjoyment as well. They even made room for you.

My shock came again as I felt the fourth mouth placed upon my spread pussy. I couldn’t control myself as I let loose another torrent of arousal as all your mouths continued to enjoy me.

I cum so hard that I pass out.

You and the ladies noticed my limp state, but noticed I was still breathing. You told them to each to slowly take their last licks of my pussy and nipples then leave.

I’ll send you ladies the pics and video later,” you say as you look at the stiffness of my nipples and how wet the bed and the women are. Smiling proudly, “I’ll upload your screensavers to your desks so that everyone will see your handy work. You’ve made me proud to be your boss ladies.

As they headed toward the door, they thanked you for their bonus and promised per their agreement to tell everyone at work about how delicious and wonderful it was to enjoy your girlfriend.

*feature photo from Pornhub (not sure which video. Took it a while ago)

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