Going into your desire;

over and over again–

crawling and writhing all over your bed with my need and longing.

What do you do that turns my head,

moaning your name;

over and over and over and over again?

I embrace the feeling of the summit,

loving the feel if your touches.

Mold me, sculpt me into your desire.

Moving with/against you with every stroke–

sending heat waves to my core.

I want you more than you know–

tell me what to do, make me yours.

I know what I want, but make me beg for it!!!

Don’t make it easy, it’s too damn simple.

I want to earn my release, work really hard for it.

Make me surrender what’s built up inside–

“Yeeeeees, please don’t stop!”

Stroking me making me not want to stop,

make me yours in more ways than one.

I moan/scream/writhe and say your name…

Loving the fact that just for today–I was your love slave!

5 thoughts on “Submissive

  1. Thank you for linking up to SB4MH. However, I am not sure what post you are linking up. You don’t have a #SB4MH banner on any specific post. I can not allow your link to stand for just your main page. I will delete your link so that you can select one of your posts that includes the SB4MH banner and relates to the requirements for #SB4MH. Sorry, I had to leave this here but I couldn’t find a contact page. Thank you again for your understanding of this. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.

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    • Hi, thank you for the clarification. I apologize for the misunderstanding. I’m still trying to understand what/how I’m supposed to post things. I want to post correctly. I will retry again later


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