Stress Relief

I am sitting here at the doctor’s office, trying not to cringe from the migraine I’ve been suffering from for the past 2 days. Nothing has been helping me, not any pain pill, dark and quiet rooms… NOTHING! I can’t tolerate this torture. I finally took a cab to come to Dr. Savor’s office; my neighbor, Liz suggested her to me.⁷

Because I am in such pain she agreed to see me immediately and now I see that I’m the only patient. That’s fine with me. I didn’t want to hear other people talking or hear their kids screaming, or me trying to avoid small talk with anyone when all I want is pain relief and quiet.

I’ve been in the office now for about five minutes. The receptionist is really nice and explained to me how the doctor will see me in a few minutes and that I’m her last patient.

That’s great news to me because it means that I’ll have all the time that the doctor will need to relieve me from this migraine. No rushing through my examination to get to the next patient; I’ve had a few doctors like that, that shit annoys me.

As I start to reflect upon some of those visits, Dr. Savor calls my name.

I didn’t realize that I was truly the only person in the waiting area. I was so stuck with remembering the past doctor’s visits I hadn’t realized the receptionist had left for the night.

Dr. Savor escorted me to the quiet, dim room, which smelled like vanilla; my favorite scent.

Instantly I begin to relax a bit, hoping that she’ll be able to help me.

Please lie down on the chaise,” she points towards in the right corner of the room.

I was a bit confused, which must’ve shown on my face.

With a light-hearted laugh, Dr. Savor explains, “Mora, I will use hypnosis to relieve you of your migraines,” she looked at me with a questioning look, as if for consent.

I tell her how Liz didn’t relay what kind of doctor she was.

I’ve never been hypnotized before, but if you feel it would get rid of this fucking explosion going on in my head, I’ll do it!” I say as I pass her.

In my haste to start my process, I didn’t notice Liz sitting in the other corner, looking at Dr. Savor with a happy smirk on her face.

Little did I know that none on this is real except that I will be hypnotized. Liz’s cousin, Jill practices hypnosis to help others to quit smoking. Since Liz saw Jill’s success rate with her clients, she knew she had to get Jill to hypnotize me into being her slut; showing and sharing me sexually.

The first person of course would have to be with the one person she could get to make this possible, her cousin Jill.

Jill instructs me to relax as she dims the lights more, talking softer, and starts to lull me into her trance.

Liz comes out from her hiding spot as my eyes close and my body relaxes. Jill puts me under her spell; telling my brain who’s in control, she gets the pressure from my migraine to go away. Even under hypnosis, I’m sure I can feel the relief.

Now that Jill has done what I originally came for, Liz nods at her, letting her know to start making me her sexual slut.

Mora, you will now listen to and obey the voice of your neighbor Liz, do you understand?”

With a sleepy nod and verbal yes, I now begin my hypnotic surrender to Liz.

“Hello Mora,” Liz said proudly.

Without hesitation I reply, “Hello Liz.”

“Very good,” said giving Jill the thumbs up sign, but speaking to me, “Mora I’m going to ask you questions and you have,” placing emphasis on, “no choice, but to answer them truthfully and without hesitation. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Repeat to me what you’re going to do,”

Jill watches anxiously and nervously as Liz sits next to her, thinking about what she’s just given Liz permission to do.

I will have no choice but to answer all your questions honestly and without hesitation.”

Very good. However, just know that there will be consequences if you don’t. Do you understand?”


Immediately Liz starts with private and sexual questions, “Mora have you ever had sex with a woman?”



I’m not interested in women sexually.”

Looking at Jill and winking, Liz says confidently to me, “Starting today you will.”

My reaction must’ve been normal as I tried to reject her statement.

With a sneer she continued, “You’re under my control now Mora and you will start to enjoy being sexual with women and enjoy EVERY bit of it.”

My fingers flex in my lap as my brain tries to reject her words.

“I’ve wanted you ever since you moved next door two years ago. I’ve been craving to see you. To make you my sex slave.”

Walking over to me, Liz ties my hands behind my back, making my tits stick out before her and Jill. The buttons appearing to pop open as the fabric stretches across my full bosom.

Jill and Liz look at the gaps now showing my pink flowered bra and my skin.

“I’ll keep you in this position for a while. It’s so appealing,” Liz said as she ran her finger over my tit, lingering over my nipple as she traces slow small circles over it.

“Very nice Mora,” she said as she sped up the motion of her finger circling my nipple.

Does that feel nice Mora?”

I hesitate to answer as I mentally try to fight the sensation I feel as my nipple rises against her finger.

Mora, you are hesitating. But your nipple is definitely answering for you.”

Liz looked at Jill, “Now she’ll have to be punished.”

Liz ripped open my blouse, the sounds of my popped buttons flying across the room and landing on the parquet floor seems loud, but doesn’t hurt my head now that my migraine is gone.

Jill, finally enjoying what she started, walked over and spread my legs open so there’s one over each of the chaise. Seizing the moment to lift my skirt, which is already short.

Mora when’s the last time you’ve had sex?” Liz asked as they both stand over me ogling my helplessness.

Jill watched the heaving of my tits as I accustom myself to my new position.

A year ago,” I answered obediently.

“Why? Was it with that Kevin dude you were seeing?”

“Yes, it was Kevin. I didn’t know he was married and I don’t want to be anyone’s mistress,” I replied without thinking.

“I’m glad, it bothered me that I couldn’t have you,” Liz’s finger now traces circles over my clit as Jill watches. “You’re going to be mine now, Mora. I’m going to enjoy showing you off. You’ll make me proud to do it.”

Jill tied ropes around Mora’s thighs to keep them open, not giving her a chance to move.

“I bet you have beautiful nipples. What color are they Mora?”

Both Jill and Liz are fondling my nipples through my bra. Making them engorged and eager to be free.

My nipples are pink.”

“Mmm, nice. I love how hard we’ve made your nipples. Thank us for making them hard for our pleasure.”

Without hesitation, “Thank you for making my nipples hard for your pleasure.”

My rapid, aroused breathing makes my tits move toward their controlling fingers.

Great choice in wearing a bra that fastens in the front today. From now on you’re not allowed to wear bras or panties.”

Liz wanted to share the moment of opening my bra with Jill. They both positioned their fingers on the clasp, “When we open your bra, thank us.”

Jill tells Liz how exciting this moment is and she’s glad she gets to share it with her.

With a nod to Jill, they unfastened my bra, exposing my erect semi-cherry sized, pink nipples.

My mind is trying to fight what’s happening, but Liz begins to speak, “Accept what’s happening Mora. Damn, you’re making me proud!”

My mouth starts speaking, “Thank you for enjoying my tits for your pleasure.”

At the same time, Jill started sucking greedily on my nipple a brief moment before Liz.

Here I was topless with my arms tied behind my back, thrusting my breasts toward their eager mouths and my legs held spread open as Liz’s fingers enter inside my panties touching my now throbbing pussy.

Mora, look at the both of us savoring your lovely big nipples. Don’t stop thanking us for it.”

Obediently I watch as their mouths suckle the hell out of my nipples. Driving sensations down to my pussy. I can feel my wetness against her fingers as they rub against my clit and inside my pussy.

Moaning, I thank them repeatedly for sucking my nipples and before I knew it, “I’ve never done this before!” I voluntarily blurt out.

Liz lifts her head, smirking as she looks into my dazed eyes, increasing the movement of her fingers in my panties as she Jill doesn’t stop sucking my nipple.

“You’ve never done what before my beautiful slut?

Feeling helpless and yet aroused, I answer, “Have both nipples sucked at the same time or be with women sexually!” I let out breathlessly.

“Oh, my slut, it gives me great pride that you have no idea what I have in store for you.”

Jill continued latching onto my nipple as Liz ripped my panties off. My newly waxed pink pussy fully exposed. Liz spread my pussy open with one hand and then placed Jill’s hand in my wet spread pussy.

With a pop Jill stopped sucking my nipple, which now is the size of a ripe cherry. Glistening with her spit and now missing the suction she was doing.

Jill blurts out how wet I am and I watch as she now looks at my pussy that I am unable to hide from their stares.

Without thinking, “Thank you for staring at and playing with my pussy for your pleasure.”

Beyond thrilled that the hypnosis was working, Liz said, “See, you want to be my slut to be enjoyed by women, being my slave.”

I begin to start nodding and saying yes as both their fingers are fucking my moist pussy. Here I lie, tied sexually exposed and being enjoyed by these two women.

Both their tongues begin to taste me at the same time, making my hips gyrate and making me moan.

As their fingers continue to finger fuck me and fondle my nipples, Liz tells Jill to instruct me to come out of the trance when I cum. I’ve been instructed to remain horny and obedient for Liz and her commands once I’m awake.

“You’ll never have sex with anyone unless it’s me and any woman I want,” Liz commands me.

“Yeeeeees!” I start moaning.

“You’ll never be aroused, interested, or will fuck another man, EVER!” Liz says as she finger fucks and pinches my nipple hard, especially when she says the word “ever.”

I start to cum hard on their fingers screaming, “Yeeeeees! Yes, I’m yours to do with as you please!”

They both start licking and sucking on my pussy and clit while they pinch my nipples hard as I cum, waking me up from from trance as instructed. I look at how my nipples are being played with and watch as my pussy is being devoured by my neighbor Liz and Dr. Savor.

I gyrate frantically as I continue to cum, realizing how I’m bound and at their mercy.

Without thinking I begin to thank them for tying me up, fondling my nipples and what they’re doing to my pussy.

Dr. Savor stands up to ask, “How does your migraine feel?”

Liz continued eating my pussy as I tried to answer between moans, “It’s gone! Thank you Dr. Savor.

Liz stands up to look my whole body over and I see her smiling lips are shiny from my cum.

I blush at the thought.

Ah, my slut,” Liz said, “her name isn’t Dr. Savor, it’s Jill and she’s my cousin who helped me get rid of your migraines.

Although I should feel offended that she said I was her slut and I should feel violated that her and Jill were sexually enjoying me, it somehow made me feel extremely aroused.

How do you feel about men sexually now?”

Before I realized it, I frowned and said that I am turned off by men sexually.

Liz spread my pussy and told Jill to just stare at how pretty, pink, and wet it is.

Do you like that I’m showing your pussy off, my slut?

Breathlessly I answer, “Yeeeeees!”

Just then the door opens and the receptionist walks in staring at my erect nipples and sees Jill and Liz ogling my spread pussy.

Before she could say anything Jill pulls her over to look at my exposed pussy herself.

I didn’t realized I moaned until Liz said, “Moaning at being looked at? Very good my slut. I’m going to love sharing and showing you off.”

The receptionist started fondling my throbbing clit, staring at my stiff nipples.

I hear her tell Liz how big my nipples are.

Liz smiled as she watched the receptionist admire my sexual helplessness and said, “I’m going to have those beautiful perky nipples sucked non-stop by a group of 20 women tomorrow as I keep your pussy spread so the rest of us can watch as it gets wet and cums.”

Hearing her plans made me cum and I screamed from its intensity.

“Well ladies, looks like my slut will not be suffering from migraines anymore. She’ll be cumming a great deal instead.”

One thought on “Stress Relief

  1. Lovely imagery and a great story. I wish the hypnotist was me, and you were to become my sex slave, making love to me and whoever wished to join us as parade you through public displays.


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