Sir Rick (part 1)

The massive hook shape of his cock arouses and frightens me. Master has designated this man to fuck me anytime and how he sees fit. I’m never to deny him as well.

For years, Master has phantom fucked me with making me think of him; my Sir, enjoying me as his slut.

The first time I was physically presented to Sir Rick, Master undressed me before him, giving him the ultimate gift of seeing, touching, tasting, and fucking me. No more of Master relaying what it’s like to fuck me or how he’s commanded me to think of being fucked by him.

Once I was nude before Sir Rick, with my hands behind my back and my legs spread; giving him access to my throbbing bare abs wet pink pussy, I would have no choice but to accept what he’d want.

The bulge of his massive hooked cock very evident before me. I know it’s hooked because Master had given my number to him sho he could send me pics of the cock that would claim me as his.

The first time I saw the picture of it, I was in front Master. He videoed my reaction to show Sir Rick my initial reaction and he told me I would comply to whatever Rick wanted because he is one of my Sirs.

I begged Master to change his mind.

I was informed I had no choice svcs that Sir Rick will be greatly pleased to fuck and stretch my pussy and tight asshole.

Master seemed thrilled with giving Sir Rick these pleasures.

Now that I stood obediently in front of Sir Rick here started sucking one of my stiff pink nipples; Sir cupped my breast taking pride in offering it to Sir Rick figur his enjoyment.

The tip of his tongue circled my nipple at first. Master stood behind me, looking over my shoulder at the motions Sir Rick’s tongue were doing.

Flicking the tip of his tongue against my protruding nipple; making it move from side to side as it started glistening from his saliva.

Master forbids me to look, this initial sexual encounter is strictly for him and Sir Rick’s pleasure; the claiming of me as his slut.

I try my best not to moan, Master knows my nipples are my weak spots. He has told Sir Rick EVERYTHING sexual about me.

Sir Rick is using this knowledge to his great advantage, as his tongue takes liberties with my nipple, Master has used his free hand to hold my pussy open, giving Sir Rick’s fingers access to softly and slowly finger fuck me.

I can feel and hear the squishiness of my wetness.

Master whispers in my ear how proud he is to see Sir Rick’s enjoyment. In a swift motion they both push me into the bed.

Master keeps my pussy spread, showing Sir Rick how wet and pink I am.

Sir Rick’s mouth is now upon my exposed pussy, I see Master smile as he watches my pussy being devoured.

I hear Sir Rick’s pant snap and zipper open, knowing he’s removing them; freeing his hook in preparation to fuck me.

I try not to show my fear, yet my ever present submissive arousal keeps my Master and newfound Sir happy.

to be continued…

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